Why Getting to a Healthy Weight Matters


Our world (media, friends, family) has a definite opinion on what we should weigh. If a number isn’t put to the ideal, the world can definitely describe what that ideal should look like. All you have to do is look at magazine covers in the grocery store. If the ideal isn’t pictured, you will find photos of the opposite…super stars caught with their swimsuits on (unairbrushed) while on vacation or caught eating-heaven forbid- a piece of cake. So what is a healthy weight and why does it matter?


Now let’s touch on the “Why’s” of this article. Carrying around extra weight can lead to a variety of health challenges: Type II Diabetes; Metabolic Syndrome; joint problems; Sleep Apnea; other health concerns that can be tied both directly and indirectly to having a little extra weight on your body. Maintaining a healthy weight, as best determined by your physician and yourself, can result in a general feeling of well-being and a reduction in chronic illness that may be lurking in your future.

Losing as few as 10 pounds can result in many benefits to your health! With a combination of diet and exercise, you can reach your weight loss goals. Learning to read food labels for serving sizes and calories is an easy (read: I don’t have to sweat) way to start on your journey to a healthy weight. I also think it is important to keep a food and exercise journal so you can REALLY see what you are putting in your body and how you are getting stronger and more confident in your exercise each day. Remember in your journey, you need to determine what you think is a healthy weight. What weight on the scale makes you smile instead of frown and try to adjust the scale because it must be wrong?

Above all, be gentle with yourself! You are a unique and amazing creation…treat your body like a priceless work of art. That being said, if that work of art wants a Hershey’s bar, then splurge (just don’t do it every day)!




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