Top 5 Cardio Machines for Those That Hate Cardio


I hate doing cardio! The thought of being on a machine or running outdoors for longer than 5 minutes is my training Kryptonite. Cardio is a necessary part of any training program so I prefer short 1 to 5min bursts with intervals of functional training.

Octane Q47

The favorite of all Studio 222 clients and trainers. From its adjustable stride length to its Cross Circuit+ program that incorporates resistance bands on the machine this is my absolute favorite piece of cardio equipment. I can get in an intense 15 minute fully functional interval session without moving more than 3 feet from my elliptical.

- Eco-savvy
- Versatile


WaterRower Natural

One of the best total body training systems around shows off its beauty through its simplicity. Made of all natural wood it is the nicest rower I have ever used.


- Eco-savvy
- Quiet
- Ease of use
- Simple to maintain



Landice L7 Treadmill

I’m not a big fan of treadmills in general but I actually like using this one. The controls are easy to use when in motion and it has a rust proof frame. More importantly for us at studio 222 it’s extremely smooth when running backwards, sideways, lunging and squatting.
- Simple to maintain
- Quiet
- Durable


Lemond Revmaster Pro

I rarely spend more than 10 minutes on the bike but from trainer’s perspective its one of the best bikes at its price range. Very smooth and unlike most bikes you can adjust the seat and handle bars to accommodate just about anyone.
- Easy to maintain
- Eco-savvy
- Ergonomic


Gliding Discs

Okay not a machine but I can do a set of hill climbers to lunges to saws to roll outs in my house. There aren’t to many products that give you this many functional movements for only $15 per pair. Sometimes the simpilest things are the best.
- Eco-savvy
- Easy
- Effective
- Value



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