Top 10 Excuses Mothers Use in Weight Loss: #9


So, if you have been trying to keep up with this blog, I will just have to ask you to smack me with a wet noodle.  As you have read from my other posts, I am a mom of three along with juggling “life”.  The “Blog-Ball” was dropped for a few months but as with all things worthwhile, I am back again!

Let’s get to the #9 excuse mothers use in weight loss:

“I may be a little soft around the middle but I am healthy because I take a stroll in the evening with my husband and child(ren).”


I may be a little soft around the middle but I am healthy because I take a stroll in the evening with my husband and child(ren).  No doubt that healthy women come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We have to be careful to not fall into the trap of accepting the “new normal” though. You are asking, “What is the new normal”?  The media would have us believe that either you have to be stick thin with an unhealthy body mass index-BMI- (think stick figure with a skirt on) or that being pleasantly plump with a BMI that is at overweight or even obese (think rolls that are cute on that fluffy baby in your arms but not so much on your body when you look in the mirror as you step out of the shower) is OK.


I have yet to come across a woman, especially a mommy, who is happy with either extreme.  They are searching for a shape/size that makes them feel sexy and fit enough to keep up with the demands of their busy lives.  So let’s address what I hear mommies, and women in general, tell me they want and how to achieve it.


If you have had one child or four, you know that your body is NEVER the same.  You have marks on your hips, belly and breasts that look like some animal has left deep scratches on you (stretch marks).  If you had a C-section, you have a little belly pooch that seems impossible to get rid of without going under the knife.  All three of my kids were delivered by C-section so I feel your frustration!


What happened to that taut mid-section that didn’t jiggle when you walked and a bust line that didn’t need a little help from Victoria’s Secret?  While a stroll in the evening is a wonderful way to spend time with your family AND encourage your kidlets to incorporate fitness into their life, it IS NOT ENOUGH to get you to your goals!  You have to sweat and traditional cardio (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) is not going to be enough.  You have to add resistance to your routine.


Head to the gym and push your way between the meat-heads in the free weight area so you can see yourself in the mirror.  Grab a couple of dumbbells, make eye contact with yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you gave birth so you can do anything!  Those muscle bound guys trying to dominate the free weight area would probably break down into blubbering mounds of jelly if they had to go through childbirth…you are mommy, hear you ROAR!


There are multiple SCIENTIFIC research studies that show how excess belly-fat can negatively impact your health.  I can guarantee you that none of the weigh-loss supplements on the market are going to get you to your goal, no matter what their “research” says without hard work and dedication to a healthy diet and exercise. “An excessive amount of belly fat can increase estrogen production which may lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Recent research also has associated belly fat with an increased risk of premature death — regardless of overall weight. In fact, some studies have found that even when women were considered a normal weight based on standard body mass index (BMI) measurements, a large waistline increased the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other causes.


Ridding yourself of excess belly fat not only preserves your health for you but for your kids, spouse AND #9 excuse mothers use in weight lossthose grandchildren down the line.  You want to be alive and healthy to tell stories…”When you mother was your age she (fill in the blank).”  To top that off, a healthy waist circumference lets you wear fitted shirts that show off your hard work and not those that you put on and think, “This doesn’t make me look pregnant…well, not really.”  A strong core (that would be your waist line) also makes it a lot easier to live a life that is full of fun with your family.


You can perform everyday activities without worry about strains, sprains or more serious injury.  You can play with your kids without feeling quite so worn out.  The best perk…you catch your spouse checking you out on the sly!  When your spouse realizes others are checking you out too, he becomes a little more “protective” of the amazing woman he has on his arm.  Who doesn’t want to feel desired and prized by their spouse?  One more perk, YOU see other guys checking you out…talk about an ego boost!


I know it is difficult to not clean up your child’s dinner plate, especially if it is a favorite meal.  I know it is difficult to carve out time for yourself to work on your core/waist line. I know it is difficult to choose a carrot or banana over the last piece of chocolate pie.  YOU control your body!  Not your cravings…not what someone else says about you…not what society says you should look like…YOU ARE THEY KEY!  Set your mind to the goal.  Do it first for you then for your family.  They want you around for a long time to create more memories like only a mommy can. It will be hard and your emotions will tell you that it is ”too hard”.  Your heart lies to you sometimes…you need to lead your heart and emotions. Don’t let them lead you, especially if it is right off the cliff sacrificing your health and self-esteem.


If you don’t have the strength to start or continue the process yourself, find a certified personal trainer to help you on your journey or a supportive friend who wants to see you succeed!




Finding Your Stride: Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Change


You used to go jogging, take a walk, use the treadmill, take a Pilates class, bicycle or dance then life got in the way. You had a life altering event tragic or terrific and now you need to rediscover your stride.


First you have to stop making room in your life for the excuse. Whatever you use work, home,the kids, a pet who needs you, a past injury it is time to put aside the excuse and make time for you!

Next enroll in a class or go to the Pilates studio and meet the instructors get a tour of the facility this will take away the nervous jitters you have had about beginning again. Talk to them about your goals and any health concerns you might have. Find a good match to your needs and personality. Take the step.


Be held accountable, get a buddy to workout with, this doesn’t have to be your best friend, maybe it is a co-worker, neighbor, your partner, son or daughter. These people may share the same desires as you and have been nervous about bringing it up. Pick someone who will share and encourage your positive self-talk.
Now keep it realistic, did you get to this point in one month, two? This is going to be the step you take to a lifestyle change. This is going to take more than one or two months of twice a week Pilates classes. Know too that life will continue to take place and put up obstacles for you to overcome. So when they happen take the time to deal with them keep your routine as best you can then once it passes ,”This too shall pass” a proverb indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.   You will be proud of how well you did to maintain your healthful new lifestyle.


Give yourself permission to start feeling great about your choice to get fit. Make small changes and keep them going, studies show it takes about 60 days to form a new long term habit. When the critical inner voicerears its ugly head, and it will, to tell you “this is a lot harder than I thought it would be let’s just quit, Give up! “ Stop the chatter and remind yourself again what are the benefits you have enjoyed from this new healthful lifestyle. Take baby steps.
Now your ready to take charge of your stride again you can get to sculpting your upper body on the reformer, bust that muffin top with a challenging mat routine, and get those long lean legs with some standing arm spring squats and lunges.   Get out in the winter when the sun is shining and take a brisk walk with a buddy and feel the fresh clean air filling your lungs.


Now that you have broken the negative inner critic from its hold over you a small step at a time there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Remember nobody can make you feel inferior without your giving them permission, including yourself!


Stacy A. Price-Darkis, CPI, BCES
Studio 59 Pilates Fitness, LLC




My S.M.A.R.T. Goal GPS


Remember this savvy little way we all learned to help us write our own goals at work for our boss? The same rules can apply to our personal goals as well! Take a few minutes to assess your goals. Are they  S = Specific? Are they  M = Measurable? Are they  A = Actionable? Are they even  R = Realistic? And finally, are they  T = Timely? Here’s a quick GPS tool to assist you as your own Personal GPS Boss:

  1. What do I want to transform about my lifestyle, body, mind, and/or spirit in 2012 (List em’ all)?


  1. What can I do to start transforming each thing in:

the next week:

the next month:

the next 3 months:

the next 6 months:


  1. What information/skill sets do I need to make these changes?

  1. Where can I get this information/skill sets? (Who/What are my resources?)

  1. Who can I rely on to help me with these changes?


Very few of us are “All or None” doers. We often are “all or none” thinkers. We forget to give ourselves permission to re-direct, re-group, and to start again the very next meal, day, or week!   It takes us at least 90 days just to “build” a new habit. Move your trash can in your kitchen and see how long it takes you to stop dumping trash on the floor in the old spot versus the new one! 


Even after we build the habit we need time for it to solidify! Try mastering one goal at a time, instead of 10 all at once. A GPS is a guide to help you start to focus on your transformations. It will set you up for success by helping you recognize your goals will happen one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, instead of over night! 


The trick to a good GPS is to pre-program the journey. Remain open to re-direction where needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. And finally, to reach each destination intact! Also be sure to pick your very favorite inspiring voice to guide you, along with a background theme song to keep you humming along the route! Life is an adventure . . . dare it! 


PERSONAL POWER THOUGHT: When we are changing gears in life, always remember: “Find em’, don’t grind em’!” Sherry Derossett CNC.CPT



Promising Yourself This Year Will be Different: And Meaning It


We do it every year. New Year rolls around, and we promise ourselves that this year is the year things will be different. We start off fresh. We make resolutions. But for some reason, more times than not we fail to stick to them. What about this cycle makes it something we can’t seem to break?

We can make excuses for making excuses, or we can recognize that the motivation to persevere lies within ourselves. Do you truly want this year to be different? Are you ready for the change? If the answer is yes, here are a few easy tips that will keep you on the path to a healthier you.


Eliminate Resolution from Your Vocabulary

If you’re like most people, when you make a ‘resolution’, your subconscious might already recognize the word as a fancy term for failure. You’ve broken too many resolutions in the past. So don’t use the word! Instead of making resolutions, make yourself a promise, set a goal, take one step at a time. Find a way that most speaks to you in a positive way. You will already feel free as you escape the weight of the infamous ‘resolution’.


Be Specific

Before making any type of promise to yourself, it’s important to hone in on your specific goals. If you want to lose weight, determine what it is you want to accomplish in small increments. It’s also key that these increments be realistic. Regardless of the nature of your goals, having a realistic expectation will keep you strong-minded and working hard. If you want to save more money, organize your finances in a detailed way and decide how much you can put aside each month. These are just examples of common resolutions, but no mission will ever be accomplished with vague objectives. A carefully planned strategy is the way to go.


Don’t Try to do it all at Once

Did you know the human brain only thinks about one thing at a time? It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. Even the greatest multitasker in the world is only ever registering one single thought. By setting too many goals, it’s impossible to focus on the one or two that are most important. Respect the nature of your brain and slow down for a minute. While you might think you’re not doing everything you should be, you’ll be doing exactly what is right.
Impatience is surefire way of beating yourself up If you set unachievable goals, take on too many challenges, you’ll fail and have another reason to start over. But if you break your assignment down into small and simple steps, you’ll go from mission impossible to planning your accomplishment celebration.


Keep A Positive Mindset

We all enjoy immediate gratification, so take the time to compliment yourself on your progress. Recognizing your success will build your confidence and your motivation. Being an optimistic is a free pleasure anyone has the potential to enjoy. By finding and maintaining this state of mind, suddenly reaching your career or personal goals won’t seem so overwhelming.


Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Just to remind you, we’re all human. You’re not perfect and no one expects you to be. There is no point to wasting time and energy hurting yourself with self-deprecation. Okay, so you messed up. Now it’s time to put that behind you and regain your focus. Just because you lost one battle doesn’t mean the mission has failed. Forgive yourself and go on. Remind yourself of your worth first and foremost before entering any path of self improvement.


Whether it’s the New Year, your birthday, or just another monotonous day at work, you can make positive changes at any time in your life. By following these suggestions, keeping a positive attitude, and celebrating your successes, this year can really be different in really inspiring way.

About the Author:  Janet Lynch is an inspirational blogger and writer. She is also a huge fan of dietdelivery and credits much of her healthy habits on simple solutions to life’s problems.





8 Rules to Keeping Your Power Over The Holidaze


Keeping your power, especially during challenging seasons like ‘The Holidays’ can feel daunting with the overwhelming crush of daily to-do’s and added social events.   And before we know it, we are in the ‘Holidaze’!   How do you re-claim your power?


Self Knowledge is Empowering:


1.   Remind yourself of what makes you feel good. If it makes you feel good, you will do more of it = Joy ROI!


2.  Give yourself permission to do your power stuff. Elf Yourself!


3.  Pre-plan your week to include your empowering activities. Checking the list twice will make you especially NICE!


4.  Stick to your schedule and remind others why you need that time and how it benefits them when you get it. Grinch Relief or Grinch Release!


5.  Just say “no” to conflicting or non-empowering stuff. Holiday Steel = No Wonderland Steal.


6.  Don’t be afraid to re-direct, re-group, or re-schedule empowerment activities. If you Jangled . . . Re-Jingle!


7.  If it empowers you, find others who are empowered by the same activities. Group empowerment is . . .well. . . mega watt power! Whoville Anyone?!


8.  Be gentle with yourself so you can be “Merry & Bright”! Nobody knows you better than you.


Power is very personal to each of us and during the Holidays it is best to roll with our own self-knowledge of what makes us feel individually empowered and connected to our own lives. Tis’ the Season for a Self Indulgence Reason!


Power Thought: “When we bring our best to the Season we receive more of the Season’s Best.” ~ Sherry Derossett/CNC.CPT


10 Ways to Stay Organized and Keep Your Focus


10) Screen saver-
Dying to get that new tech toy? Need a moment of relaxation? Can never remember your anniversary date? Put the image up on your computer as a screensaver. It will help you stay focused and improve goal setting and your ability to check those goals off your list.



9) No snooze button-
The more times you hit it the harder it is to wake up. When that alarm goes off, open your eyes, take in a nice long deep breathe, exhale while you pull yourself out of bed and…


8) Water and stretching to start the day-
The best way to get your metabolism moving isn’t coffee and a donut. It’s stretching and hydrating to start up your metabolism and get you going


7) Smart phone-
Great apps like Note Me and Astrid Task plus online calendars help you stay on track. Take advantage of technology


6) Organize your day-
You always need to have a plan for the next day in order to be productive. Take note of how long it takes you to do everyday task and soon time management will be your friend.


5) Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face-
Mike Tyson knew that you can organize all you want but change is going to happen. Don’t let small detours or altered plans knock you off course.


4) Proactive not Reactive-
Knowing that change is inevitable will only make you better at anticipating it.


3) Always have pen and paper-
Perfect for taking on the spot notes


2) Be 5 minute early for business and social events-
Words to live by, “If you are on time, you are late”


1) Use your “2nd Brain”-
Stop trying to hold so many small details and “to do’s” in your internal memory. You’re just stressing yourself out. Use the tips above to help relieve some tension and stress.

When is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise and Why?


For some, the best time of the day to exercise is simply to exercise when they can. Several items need to be considered when scheduling exercise into your daily regimen or as part of your daily activities. The first is time management. Just like all other life’s happenings and events, exercise should be scheduled as well. Without that scheduling of exercise, other items become a priority and exercise may be one of the items that falls to the way side and becomes an afterthought. Continually moving around or rescheduling your exercise is part of a behavior that may lead to not exercising at all and this will not allow an individual to meet or exceed their goal.

On the physiological side, there is a strong debate as to what time of the day is best to exercise. Should individuals exercise early in the morning when there stomach is empty and there energy stores (glucose and glycogen) are low? On the other hand, one may ponder if they should have a bite to eat to “break the fast” and provide the body with some readily available energy (glucose) to engage in exercise. Depending on what your goal is, weight loss, strength building, muscular or cardiovascular endurance, a trained professional will be able to assist and individuals in constructing goals and formulating a plan to meet those goals and then determining what time of the day may be best to exercise to achieve those goals.


Some individuals like to exercise during their noon lunch hour. Instead of taking a full-hour to eat lunch many try to squeeze eating and exercising in with showering and getting back to the desk. This may cause some individuals to “rush” there workout but with the proper exercise routine, those individuals can provide the body with plenty of movement and exercise to improve their health.


Some individuals like to exercise at the end of the day. Both afternoon and evening exercisers may view their exercise session as a stress reliever and those individuals are more apt to schedule their exercise session more frequently and consistently. Depending on their schedule, an individual may want to hold off on exercising late at night to not have the ability to be able to sleep because of the body’s physiological response to exercise.


The main goal of exercise is to take from Nike’s long time slogan, “Just Do It”. Do not be afraid to move your exercise sessions around to different times in the day. If you have events that you have to go to and cannot exercise at your usual 6 pm time slot, you may have to pre-plan and exercise earlier in the day at either lunchtime or early in the morning. Unless one is preparing for an athletic event or has some medical of physical condition that prevents them from adhering to a training modality or schedule, individuals should get exercise in when they can.



6 Germy Household Hotspots


When you think about germy places in your home, your mind probably goes to your toilet or the strainer in your sink. However, germs are lurking in places you don’t even think about. Read on to learn what spots in your house may not be as innocent as they first appear.

  • Your Sheets: All those germs you carry around with you in the day don’t disappear when you crawl into bed! Instead, they get a nice warm environment to rest in for eight hours a night. Clean your sheets with warm water on a weekly basis to dislodge those unwelcomed guests.


  • Your Sponge: Make a mental list of all the places your sponge goes over a day. It washes off plates and forks, yes, but it also takes care of the cutting board where you prepared raw chicken and the counter where you opened up the container. Because sponges stay wet, they’re the perfect breeding ground for germs. Microwave your sponge for one or two minutes after use to make sure it stays germ-free.


  • Your Toothbrush: If your brush is within 6 feet of your toilet, chances are good it gets bombarded with tiny drops of toilet water each time you flush. If that wasn’t bad enough, toothbrushes that share a communal cup with other members of the family often share germs as well. Make sure to switch to a new brush every three months. You should also spring for a new one after you get over a cold or flu.


  • Your Carpet: Wall to wall carpeting is a playground for all sorts of germs, allergens, and dirt. It’s very difficult to keep germs and mold out of this carpeting, and there’s always a dirt pair of dirty shoes around to undo your hard work if you try. If you have wall to wall carpeting, investing in a HEPA filter will keep things under control.


  • Your Workspace: This one is true both in the home and at work. Because you spend so much time at your workspace there’s ample opportunities for germs to set up shop. This is doubly true for office kitchens. With so many different hands juggling food in one place, there’s bound to be something nasty lurking. Wash your hands often when using a communal kitchen and wipe down your workspace with disinfectant on a regular basis.


  • Your Hands: This is the big one. Your hands touch all the places on this list regularly, putting them into contact with harmful germs. Your doctor isn’t joking when he tells you to wash your hands. Regularly wash for 15-20 seconds with soap and warm water to get the worst of those microbes off of you.


Germs can hide in some of the most unlikely places, so it’s important to be aware of what you come in contact with on a daily basis. There’s no need to lose sleep over what’s out there, but if you take a few simple precautions you can create a healthy environment for you and your family.




5 Steps to Healthy Meals for the Busy Family


It’s 5 o’clock; you just walked through the door after a non-stop day at work to find backpacks and shoes strewn all over the living room. The kids have been watching TV instead of finishing their homework and everyone is hungry. What are you having for dinner? Do you know what you’re making and have all the ingredients on-hand, or is it another night of processed food out of boxes or take-out?


Whether you are feeding just yourself, your spouse and yourself or an entire family, eating healthy falls on to the person buying and preparing the food.  Your life is hectic enough without the daily struggle of deciding what to eat, especially last minute.


Your environment determines how successful you will be in maintaining a healthy weight and nourishing your body with all the nutrients it requires. If you succumb to TV commercials, you probably have some, if not many convenience foods in your cabinets and fridge. The food industry is well aware of your challenges and is spending a huge budget marketing to harried, exhausted consumers who are all too happy to buy the quick, easy fix. How much easier is it to throw a package or two in the microwave and open a couple of cans to heat up? But take a close look at the labels. The salt, sugar and fat content will be much higher than your body needs. The list of preservatives and chemicals would make your grandmother (or great-grandmother) furrow her brow.


So what do you need to do without overtaxing your already busy schedule? With a little planning in advance, you can have healthy meals, maintain (or lose) weight and feel confident that you are providing the best nutrition for your family.


1.     Pick one day of the week and plan a tentative menu for the entire week. It does not need to be exact since schedules change. This is just a master list to pick from that can be altered as needed. Take into account all of the family’s activities.


2.     Make some of the meals quick, simple but healthy meals. (Watch for recipes)


3.     Spend a couple of hours on the weekend (or day off) making large quantities of a staple that can be used in more than one meal during the week. (such as roasted chicken, homemade soups, pot of brown rice, etc.)


4.     Keep your cabinets/pantry and fridge/freezer stocked with all healthy staples that you can use for tasty meals. (such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole corn tortillas, quinoa, nut butters, beans, assorted frozen veggies, chicken, turkey, lean beef, pork tenderloin, fish, low-fat cheese, greek yogurt, eggs, nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes, salsa, chopped tomatoes and grated cheese)


5.     Always have a “fall back” easy recipe for really crazy nights and restock those ingredients. My recipe is whole wheat pasta with broccoli and garlic covered with good imported parmesan cheese. I can make it in 15-20 minutes start to finish and always have the ingredients. I keep organic broccoli florets in my freezer just for this meal.


Planning a menu, grocery shopping for the ingredients and cooking without processed food does take a little more time up front, but ultimately saves you time and supports the nutrition needs for you and your family. Make it a family affair by encouraging your spouse and children to participate in the process. They will, if they see it as fun and not drudgery. Let them start by helping to pick out healthy recipes that sound yummy to them. And as always, eat slowly, savoring each bite.




Nutrition, Exercise and Positive Behavior Strategies


I was doing an interview on a TV show and the moderator of the show asked me a question about the importance of exercise and nutrition. Immediately I knew what I had to do.


I was doing an interview on a TV show and the moderator of the show asked me a question about the importance of exercise and nutrition. Immediately I knew what I had to do. I had to provide a behavioral based answer because it is way too easy to give the standard answer of nutrition is 85% of what you do and exercise is 15%. In reality the habit of nutrition and exercise is based on a balanced behavior of the two. But more importantly it is based on understanding how to do both of those things in order for them to work.


In the article on Nutrition, Exercise and Behavior by Jason Machowsky, he talks about people have to have a working knowledge of how to implement effective nutritional and exercise plans. Additionally, Machowsky states that even with knowing how to implement behaviors one must be careful of the environmental influences in life that could decrease participation in effective nutritional and exercise behaviors. These influences include long work hours, family commitments and so forth. Finally Machowsky stresses that once you have maintained a proper nutritional and exercise behavior that you should reward yourself for your efforts.


I really enjoyed the article written by Machowsky. It laid out some effective behavioral strategies for getting involved in and maintaining proper nutritional and exercise behaviors. I highly recommend anyone to read this article.