6 How to Lose Fat and Keep it OFF Tips


Many people following a weight loss regimen lose a few pounds quickly. While they are still basking under elation due to this initial fall in the numbers shown on the scale, soon they reach a plateau or result become more hit or miss. If you don’t want to fall into the trap of yo-yo dieting and fluctuating scales, set your aim on fat loss and not on weight loss.

When you aim on only weight loss that is manifested in the form of lower numbers on the scale, you are not aiming for health. The initial loss shown on the scales in always water loss, and it is reversible. It won’t be wrong to say that such weight loss is fake.  If you want an irreversible loss in weight, you must modify your diet and exercise regime in a way that facilitates fat loss.


Fat loss lowers blood cholesterol levels, reduces visceral fat, promotes inch loss, increases stamina, and promotes overall health. When you lose body fat, you will become more active, strong, and alert than when you lose water. Water loss reduces your energy and ability to remain engaged or focused over long periods of time.


Not only water but the crucial muscle mass is also lost while dieting. This makes you look flabby, shrivelled, and unhealthy. You should aim to increase your muscle mass this may ultimately alter the numbers on your scale.  When you perform resistance or strength training exercises you will build muscle, which consequently spikes your metabolism so you’ll burn more calories during your workout, and at rest.


Having  high muscle mass makes you look toned and athletic which most people desire. Every girl fancies well-toned flat abs, firm biceps, and taut calves. Every guy wants to flash a six-pack athletic body and a bulky arm musculature to flaunt his strength.


6 How to Lose Fat and Keep it OFF Tips:

1.     Increase Protein Intake as it is heavy and has high satiety value. Protein keeps you full longer and fuels muscle growth and repair. Incorporate more of eggs, whey, lean meat, soybeans, tofu, and milk in your diet. An increased muscle mass has high BMR, and hence burns more of fat.

2.     Eat Healthy Fats like the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Great sources of these healthy fats are walnuts, olives, and almonds. These fats also help normalize your blood lipid levels.

3.     Use Fat Binders to reduce weight quickly. These bind the fat from your body and form a capsule that is excreted through the body. This is especially good for those who cannot help but be tempted to indulge in fatty foods. Clinical studies have shown that use of fat binders helps you lose weight thrice as much as you can do with diet or exercise alone. This product is safe, and you will see the difference within 4 weeks. Natural fat binders that you can include in your diet are apples, oatmeal, bran cereals, broccoli, mustard greens, green beans, etc. These are high in fibre content and thus have fat-binding properties.

4.     Go for Strength Training. Strength training builds muscle mass and facilitates quick weight loss. As per studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, muscles burn 3 times more calories than fat.

5.     Consume Carbs Post-exercise. As per studies, this doubles the rate of fat burning than consuming carbs prior to a work-out session.

6.     Beware of Hidden Fats in Foods. Make sure there are no hidden or saturated fats in foods. Foods labelled as fat-free are not always so.


So, carve out a diet and exercise program that causes fat loss and not mere reduction in weight as seen on scales.


About the  Author: Roger Jennings is a Freelance Writer and likes to write on Fitness and Weight Loss and has come across the XLS Medical Fat Binder, which he thinks is the most convenient way that most people choose when they want to lose Fat quickly.



Basic Strength Training Best Practices


As Personal Trainers, we ask every client what their weekly gym schedule will look like and then we map their goals accordingly. If you are working 1-4 body parts, you will typically need 3 days a week, alternating your work out and rest days. Typically with strength training we see these 2 popular scenarios:

Mon, Weds, Fri
Tues, Thurs, Sat

Combination Routines are an excellent way to work two body parts that naturally complement each other in one gym session:

Back & Biceps (Back First then Biceps)

Chest & Triceps (Chest First then Triceps)

Triceps & Biceps (Best in Super Sets)

Chest & Shoulders (Chest First)

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Chest First or Super Set Chest w/Shoulders and add triceps)

Thighs & Glutes

Hamstrings & Calves


Now Pair your days with your Training Routines.  Example:

Mon = Back & Bi’s

Weds = Chest & Tri’s

Fri = Legs


If you are working more than 4 body parts a 4 Day Split is excellent.  Example:

Mon = Back & Bi’s

Tues = Legs

Weds = Day Off

Thurs = Chest & Triceps

Fri = Shoulders & Abs

Utilize your off days for cardio or perform 30 minutes of cardio after your strength training so you can take full advantage of all your strength before fatiguing the muscles with cardio (Power Walk, Elliptical, Bike, Short Run).


You also might chose to perform an overall circuit training regime, Pilates class, or Yoga class 3-4 days a week where you get more of an over all body workout each training day.


These are typically great with a 4 Day Split scenario:

2 Days in a row, one day off, 2 days in a row again


These are the very basic combinations and the combos are endless depending upon your specific workout times, weekly progress, and personal goals. Map it out. Ink it to paper at least 2 weeks at a time. It will help you define your workouts and it will provide you with a solid “Self” Workout Journal to chart your progression.


The last big key for starting your strength training workouts is to be as consistent as you possibly can.  The same workout times and training schedules will help your body begin to regulate.  Remember every time you workout you are adding fuel to your metabolic furnace.  Your metabolism spikes and your system begins to burn calories!   When you perform weight resistance exercises which build muscle, not only do you burn calories during the duration of your workout, you also burn about 100 more calories over the next 24hr period.  Crucial:  Be sure you feed your muscle need within 30 minutes of your workout with a serving of protein.  Take a protein shake along with you to the gym for easy access!


Power Thought:  “Be dependable so your body can be.” ~Sherry Derossett CNC.CPT


Navy Seal Workout


For gym rats, we have the luxury of being far more creative and employing tons of variety in the gym when seeking functional strength. Every day is a full-body workout!


Seal Workouts and the Battlefield of Fitness

Due to the mystique surrounding elite fighting forces, especially in this day and age where Hollywood derives a large percentage of its funding from military interests, the Navy Seal workout has been exaggerated. 


Seal training is about incredible cardiovascular efficiency, head to toe functional strength, and discipline, but isn’t all that complicated. A basic Google search will show that popular notions of getting ready for Hell Week include metric tons of swimming, running, pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.



Of course there’s more to being a Seal and it’s obvious why so few are chosen. But in terms of the average Joe or Jane who desires to have a physique like they do and get fit, I suggest a workout mind frame and regimen that has far more variety, but a similar level of dedication.


Adopt a Full-body workout Method
Seals need to possess not only impressive amounts of agility and stamina, but masterful command of the body. They need to be light on their feet and to have conquered their own weight and center of gravity. Thousands of pushups, sit-ups, and pull ups is great, especially with perfect form and full range of motion, but since most people in the gym aren’t preparing to visit warzones, get creative and incorporate two other exercises into each.


For example grab some exercise ingredients like burpees, box jumps, dumbbell rows, and dumbbell presses and swirl them together in a fitness cauldron. All of those as one is a pretty intense full-body workout; now add five pushups into each rep. In terms of building functional strength and muscle endurance 20 of those would feel like 500 pushups, but to nearly every muscle group in the body.


Get Creative with a Basic Navy Seal Workout
If one has an itching for Seal training then why not get imaginative with it? There are more ways than one to skin a cat in terms of pushups, pull-ups, and ab workouts right?


Pushups come in a variety of stances and military is only one of them. Remember to keep that backside low, try not to avoid eccentric stress, and then go from wide to the V-stance, from clapping to staggered.


Pull-ups also, in terms of grip, have a variety of stances and like pushups; each one poses its own challenge to a different set of muscles. Expend some effort to discover them and experiment on a regular basis. Also, I like to integrate at least one other exercise into my pull ups, whether it be burpees, box jumps, Romanian style get-ups, or barbell curls to squats.


When it comes to abdominal workouts, there must be over a 100 of them that can be mixed, juxtaposed, and melted together. Military style sit-ups are effective, but add to them anyway. Throw in a dumbbell or weight plate, add a twist or incorporate the legs.


A Navy Seal Workout for Gym Rats
Running, swimming, pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups are time tested and approved workouts; when conforming to the rigid discipline of preparing for Hell Week, seal training is hard to believe. But for gym rats, we have the luxury of being far more creative and employing tons of variety in the gym when seeking functional strength. Every day is a full-body workout!



Discover the Best Pilates Workout for You

Barre sculpt, foam rollers, TRX, Pilates Rings & balls, cardiolaties, yogalaties, body rolling, and on and on. It’s great really that Pilates is being emulated and incorporated into so many styles of physical fitness. After all who dosen’t want to ride the wave that is Pilates!


So it begs the question what is true Pilates, what are the otherlaties, and how are you going to decide which is best for you? Is one of the forms harder than the other? Is it more beneficial to use the equipment or should you do classic mat classes, or try one of the otherlaties?

It is my humble opinion you should make a decision. If it’s all new to you, then start slow, and pick a level-appropriate mat class. Your best chance of getting the true idea of what Pilates offers is to go to a “Pilates Studio,” not just a place that offers Pilates as a hook. Start out with a classic mat routine that will introduce you to the Pilates lingo, how to use your body during the movement piece of the exercise and proper set up for the movement; for optimal benefit to you.

The best exercise programs get you accustomed to the changes gradually. Remember to be patient with yourself as it can take six to eight weeks before you see physical results. The euphoria from adrenaline will happen sooner though.


Now spice it up if you want your feeling awesome and want more, (your body is responding), you feel stronger and in better control of your movements. Try a reformer, tower, or chair class. These are authentic types of equipment created by Joseph Pilates and have been finely developed over the years for optimal performance and endurance in a class setting. Let us now take a look at some of the otherlaties offerings.


  • Barre Sculpt uses a combination of conditioning and stretching exercises and a ballet bar (barre), for stability. Short sets of precise movements at the barre and on the mat will help you in lengthening by perfecting posture and increased stamina is effected by a degree of aerobic work.
  • TRX is a suspension training system with straps anchored to a door, a beam, a wall mount, or secure frame. It can be used by incorporating Pilates type moves while standing, laying on a mat, kneeling and using the suspension straps to support you or for resistance. Many of the moves done with the TRX setup will cause your core abdominal muscles to engage automatically! A bonus it’s an innate reminder you need to be focused on how you are stabilizing your body during movement.
  • Yogalaties is a reminder to slow down and be mindful of the precision and control required to execute each move with purpose. Taking the time to get to know how your body feels in one position over another and how the smallest of body positioning changes can make huge differences in the body’s response. Since so many people still think Yoga & Pilates are the same thing, it’s good to have them combined to create a naturally soothing body workout.
  • Cardiolaties is a faster paced work out to get that much needed aerobic element into the mix for you. A firm knowledge of the Pilates mat work is essential to taking this type of class. Each mat exercise is going to come at you quickly and it’s necessary for your form to be spot on and your ability to engage your core muscles properly is inherent. Then you come to the standing portion which may include any number of aerobic type moves and may include the use of light weights. Often this is set to an upbeat music lineup.


So what does this all mean? People want to enjoy what they are doing for their fitness routine and above all benefit from the hard work they put into it. The variety comes from the need to find the “right fit”. We know we need flexibility, strength, cardio and we want to enjoy the path we take to achieve it. We know that Pilates seems to be the way to go, but then all the choices combined with it.   For me, the one thing that is constant throughout all of these is that the core abdominal work taught by Pilates is the pillar behind long-term fitness results.


“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know” Pema Chodron


Calcium Supplement: Health Claims Under Fire


In a combined analysis of 5 studies, investigators found that calcium supplements were associated with about a 30% increase in the incidence of heart attack.


That’s why it’s important to keep current on the latest research.  Things change as our research capabilities progress.  Here are the details: The risk of heart attack with calcium supplements was greater in those with higher dietary calcium intake.   Age, sex, and type of supplement made no difference. But, in this study, 88% were women, this being significant because heart disease differs greatly between sexes.

It’s suggested that the calcium in supplements may cause the fatty plaques in your arteries to harden, causing atherosclerosis.  And although much data shows that vitamin D is protective from a cardiovascular standpoint, studies with vitamin D were omitted.

And if that’s not bad enough, the study also revealed an alarming fact that calcium supplements play a limited to no benefit at all in reducing the risk of compression bone fractures!  We should be asking why then has there been such a push for calcium supplementation over the last ten years?



So, now what do we do?  We still have a problem with osteoporosis.  More than half of the women over 50 will have an osteoporosis related fracture in their remaining lifetime.  What are our doctors telling us?  They’ve been as caught off guard with this new research as we have.  The lead research physician concluded:


  • In most cases, discontinuation of calcium would seem appropriate
  • For most older people, the risks of calcium supplements outweigh the benefits
  • For patients at risk for heart disease, with multiple risk factors, or a strong family history, perhaps calcium supplementation should not be considered
  • Patients with osteoporosis should generally not be treated with calcium supplements, either alone or combined with vitamin D, unless they are also receiving an effective treatment for osteoporosis for a recognized indication
  • Patients with high risk for fractures will continue to take calcium supplements


Before making any changes make sure to discuss these finding with your doctor.  But, of course, remember that strength training and eating foods high in calcium and Vitamin D are still important to bone health.  Here are great food alternatives: non/low-fat dairy (milk, cheese, and yogurt), green leafy veggies (spinach, swiss chard, kale, turnip, mustard, or collard greens), broccoli, sesame seeds, Chia Seeds, fennel, cabbage, summer squash, green beans, oranges…. Lots of tasty things.  Amazing how it all comes down to exercise and eating healthy!




Top 10 Excuses Mothers Use in Weight Loss: #9


So, if you have been trying to keep up with this blog, I will just have to ask you to smack me with a wet noodle.  As you have read from my other posts, I am a mom of three along with juggling “life”.  The “Blog-Ball” was dropped for a few months but as with all things worthwhile, I am back again!

Let’s get to the #9 excuse mothers use in weight loss:

“I may be a little soft around the middle but I am healthy because I take a stroll in the evening with my husband and child(ren).”


I may be a little soft around the middle but I am healthy because I take a stroll in the evening with my husband and child(ren).  No doubt that healthy women come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We have to be careful to not fall into the trap of accepting the “new normal” though. You are asking, “What is the new normal”?  The media would have us believe that either you have to be stick thin with an unhealthy body mass index-BMI- (think stick figure with a skirt on) or that being pleasantly plump with a BMI that is at overweight or even obese (think rolls that are cute on that fluffy baby in your arms but not so much on your body when you look in the mirror as you step out of the shower) is OK.


I have yet to come across a woman, especially a mommy, who is happy with either extreme.  They are searching for a shape/size that makes them feel sexy and fit enough to keep up with the demands of their busy lives.  So let’s address what I hear mommies, and women in general, tell me they want and how to achieve it.


If you have had one child or four, you know that your body is NEVER the same.  You have marks on your hips, belly and breasts that look like some animal has left deep scratches on you (stretch marks).  If you had a C-section, you have a little belly pooch that seems impossible to get rid of without going under the knife.  All three of my kids were delivered by C-section so I feel your frustration!


What happened to that taut mid-section that didn’t jiggle when you walked and a bust line that didn’t need a little help from Victoria’s Secret?  While a stroll in the evening is a wonderful way to spend time with your family AND encourage your kidlets to incorporate fitness into their life, it IS NOT ENOUGH to get you to your goals!  You have to sweat and traditional cardio (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) is not going to be enough.  You have to add resistance to your routine.


Head to the gym and push your way between the meat-heads in the free weight area so you can see yourself in the mirror.  Grab a couple of dumbbells, make eye contact with yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you gave birth so you can do anything!  Those muscle bound guys trying to dominate the free weight area would probably break down into blubbering mounds of jelly if they had to go through childbirth…you are mommy, hear you ROAR!


There are multiple SCIENTIFIC research studies that show how excess belly-fat can negatively impact your health.  I can guarantee you that none of the weigh-loss supplements on the market are going to get you to your goal, no matter what their “research” says without hard work and dedication to a healthy diet and exercise. “An excessive amount of belly fat can increase estrogen production which may lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Recent research also has associated belly fat with an increased risk of premature death — regardless of overall weight. In fact, some studies have found that even when women were considered a normal weight based on standard body mass index (BMI) measurements, a large waistline increased the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other causes.


Ridding yourself of excess belly fat not only preserves your health for you but for your kids, spouse AND #9 excuse mothers use in weight lossthose grandchildren down the line.  You want to be alive and healthy to tell stories…”When you mother was your age she (fill in the blank).”  To top that off, a healthy waist circumference lets you wear fitted shirts that show off your hard work and not those that you put on and think, “This doesn’t make me look pregnant…well, not really.”  A strong core (that would be your waist line) also makes it a lot easier to live a life that is full of fun with your family.


You can perform everyday activities without worry about strains, sprains or more serious injury.  You can play with your kids without feeling quite so worn out.  The best perk…you catch your spouse checking you out on the sly!  When your spouse realizes others are checking you out too, he becomes a little more “protective” of the amazing woman he has on his arm.  Who doesn’t want to feel desired and prized by their spouse?  One more perk, YOU see other guys checking you out…talk about an ego boost!


I know it is difficult to not clean up your child’s dinner plate, especially if it is a favorite meal.  I know it is difficult to carve out time for yourself to work on your core/waist line. I know it is difficult to choose a carrot or banana over the last piece of chocolate pie.  YOU control your body!  Not your cravings…not what someone else says about you…not what society says you should look like…YOU ARE THEY KEY!  Set your mind to the goal.  Do it first for you then for your family.  They want you around for a long time to create more memories like only a mommy can. It will be hard and your emotions will tell you that it is ”too hard”.  Your heart lies to you sometimes…you need to lead your heart and emotions. Don’t let them lead you, especially if it is right off the cliff sacrificing your health and self-esteem.


If you don’t have the strength to start or continue the process yourself, find a certified personal trainer to help you on your journey or a supportive friend who wants to see you succeed!




5 Easy Home Cardio Workouts to Kick-Start Wight Loss


It’s that time of year again. Time to set your workout, diet and weight loss goals. For many people, this means deciding to join a gym. But if you don’t like gyms or perhaps don’t have the financial means or time to join a gym, consider working out at home.

There are a wide range of cardio workouts available that you can do in or around your home. Effective cardio, weight loss and muscle building exercises are all possible. Many believe they have to join a gym to get the best results. This is the power of marketing. The truth is with enough creativity and motivation, home workouts may be the best solution especially for those new to a workout routine and are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with gyms.


There is no need to dedicate an entire room in your house to store bulky equipment or expensive sets of weights in order to see results. The following is a list of the top five cardio workouts you can perform from the comfort of your home, or around your neighborhood, and still get effective weight loss and muscle building results.


Top 5 Home Cardio Workouts


1. DVDs and Online Workouts

There are hundreds of workout DVDs to choose from. If you prefer looking online, try searching for online streaming workouts. There are many subscription websites available for general fitness, yoga, Pilates and much more. Today, people have access to more fitness videos than ever before. For those looking to lose weight, choose any DVD or online service that advertises at least 40 minutes of aerobic activity.


If you’re looking to build or tone muscle, look for workouts that use a light set of hand weights. You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a complicated set of weights. Women will benefit from 3, 5 and 8 pound weights, while men will see results with 10, 12 and 15 pound weights. You’ll get an effective workout and not have to worry about where to store your weights- just roll them under your bed or the couch until you need them again.


If you’re hoping to lose weight and build muscle, look for a workout that offers cardio and strength training segments. These types of workouts keep your heart pumping, which burns fat and calories, while pushing your muscles to shape up with the help of hand weights or by using your own body weight as resistance. Another popular choice are martial arts based workouts, like kick boxing. You won’t need any weights for these workouts and you will certainly get the best of both worlds, as far as cardio and strength training goes.


2. Home Drills

Another effective way to get a workout in for busy people is what is referred to as “at home drills.” Carve out three, ten minute segments out of your day. During those ten minute sessions, do a series of jumping jacks, jump rope, and running in place (high knees, butt kicks) or simply running up and down your set of stairs. Do these three times per day and your results will be the same as someone who spends a solid 30 minutes working out each day.


3. Walking/Hiking 

People underestimate the effectiveness of a daily walk or hike around their neighborhood. Mothers of young children should especially consider taking up this type of cardio activity most days of the week. Get a good cardiovascular workout while getting the kids out of the house at the same time. You can get an incredibly effective workout on a simple walk from your home to the local park.


You’ll get bonus points if you’re pushing your little one(s) in a stroller! Don’t make the mistake of only dawdling through the neighborhood. To get maximum results, you want your heart rate to accelerate and you want to break a sweat. Add some variety by stopping every other house you pass up and do a set of squats, or even dropping to the ground and doing a set of pushups.  Adding strength training to your cardio workout routine will burn fat faster than just performing cardio alone.


4. Swimming

If you have access to a swimming pool at your home or as part of your community take advantage of it. Swimming is a wonderful way to get an effective cardio workout in. One hour of swimming can easily burn 500 calories. The best part is you won’t ever feel yourself sweating! Swimming is perfect for people who’ve never worked out, those who’ve recently experienced an injury, or the elderly. It’s easy on your joints and doesn’t strain your muscles.


5. Dancing 

Hate jumping jacks? Don’t have stairs? Turn up the music and dance! In fact, get some cleaning done around the house while you’re dancing at the same time and burn twice as many calories! Pay attention to the muscles you are working. Focus on controlling your abs and exaggerate certain moves to get an even more effective workout. It’s fun, effective, and doesn’t require you embarrassing yourself in front of anyone else.


There are obviously many more things you can do to get an effective workout at home – even some video games are popular options. But remember, no matter what you do, you should find joy in it. You may discover a new love for yoga or dance. You may decide that swimming is your best option. The idea is to create a healthier lifestyle by developing a sustainable workout routines – and it’s different for everyone. If you are not enjoying yourself, chances are you won’t stick with it and you’ll fall short on your new year’s resolutions. If you’ve never exercised before, check with your doctor before beginning any new program.


Nathan Joynt is a health expert an advocate for healthy, natural living. He works for Gaiam Inc, producers of award-winning yoga videos.




Is Your Inner Critic Getting To You?


Most women dislike at least one aspect of their appearance. Your doing the pre-stretch warm up in your Pilates class when you notice the woman in front of you can get all the way to her toes!   Outrageous, your inner critic says to you, well if you didn’t have so much belly flab you could reach your toes too! Ugh!


Each and every day 97 percent of women think negative even hateful things about their bodies according to a national survey of more than 300 women. Further studies, from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, found that 85 percent of women and 72 percent of men dislike at least one aspect of their appearance. This represents a national body image crisis that may contribute to an over active, and unchecked voice of your inner critic. Pilate’s instructors hear these comments almost daily.



In my Pilates studio clients often ask of me “how do I get rid of this fat?’, “how often do I have to workout?”, and “how long will it take?”.


Why are we so hard on ourselves? One reason is society has taught us the ideal for being beautiful or attractive is an unattainable standard. The continual images of tall, slender, large breasted, tight, firm young bodies is what we are bombarded with. Ask yourself are you tall, small boned, naturally endowed, tight and toned, ever given birth, how old are you, is there any form of stress in your life? So the downside of the desire for the tall, slender “perfect body” is it is not realistic. And when a client asks how long will it take to get the perfect long, lean Pilates body, a popular term used in the Pilates world, what will we tell them?


Negative self talk has negative self-effect. Research shows that if you continually say to yourself for instance, “I’m so fat and ugly”, it will eventually drain your self confidence in all aspects of your life. It can also have a physiological effect: you may start slouching and begin carrying yourself in a sloppy manner.   More information on this subject can be found at the Renfrew Center a woman’s mental health Center and Adrienne Ressler.


Not only can disparaging thoughts affect your psyche, but they can take a toll on your physical health too. Turn that around with positive and accepting self-talk which has been shown to improve well-being. When men and women learn to appreciate their own unique bodies and start to feel more comfortable in their own skin, they are more likely to treat themselves with kindness and respect.


Look for my next post when we address these issues.


Author: Stacy A. Price-Darkis, CPI, BCES.
Studio 59 Pilates Fitness, LLC



When is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise and Why?


For some, the best time of the day to exercise is simply to exercise when they can. Several items need to be considered when scheduling exercise into your daily regimen or as part of your daily activities. The first is time management. Just like all other life’s happenings and events, exercise should be scheduled as well. Without that scheduling of exercise, other items become a priority and exercise may be one of the items that falls to the way side and becomes an afterthought. Continually moving around or rescheduling your exercise is part of a behavior that may lead to not exercising at all and this will not allow an individual to meet or exceed their goal.

On the physiological side, there is a strong debate as to what time of the day is best to exercise. Should individuals exercise early in the morning when there stomach is empty and there energy stores (glucose and glycogen) are low? On the other hand, one may ponder if they should have a bite to eat to “break the fast” and provide the body with some readily available energy (glucose) to engage in exercise. Depending on what your goal is, weight loss, strength building, muscular or cardiovascular endurance, a trained professional will be able to assist and individuals in constructing goals and formulating a plan to meet those goals and then determining what time of the day may be best to exercise to achieve those goals.


Some individuals like to exercise during their noon lunch hour. Instead of taking a full-hour to eat lunch many try to squeeze eating and exercising in with showering and getting back to the desk. This may cause some individuals to “rush” there workout but with the proper exercise routine, those individuals can provide the body with plenty of movement and exercise to improve their health.


Some individuals like to exercise at the end of the day. Both afternoon and evening exercisers may view their exercise session as a stress reliever and those individuals are more apt to schedule their exercise session more frequently and consistently. Depending on their schedule, an individual may want to hold off on exercising late at night to not have the ability to be able to sleep because of the body’s physiological response to exercise.


The main goal of exercise is to take from Nike’s long time slogan, “Just Do It”. Do not be afraid to move your exercise sessions around to different times in the day. If you have events that you have to go to and cannot exercise at your usual 6 pm time slot, you may have to pre-plan and exercise earlier in the day at either lunchtime or early in the morning. Unless one is preparing for an athletic event or has some medical of physical condition that prevents them from adhering to a training modality or schedule, individuals should get exercise in when they can.



1.M.R. Professional Trainer Supplement Review


1.M.R. by BPI is hands down the greatest pre-workout supplement I have ever taken.   As a professional trainer with over eight years in the field I have always personally tested and recommended only the absolute best supplements and products to my clients.

I go behind the product, dig through reviews, research the research and studies, verify labels and nutrition information, and use myself as the human guinea pig! I do not get paid or profit from selling one type of product or company over the other, and I will keep it that way! I myself, want the best out there not only for me, but my people.


1.M.R. unlike other pre-workout formulas, offers no caffeine jitters, headaches, or out of your mind, brain splitting, odd feelings like you just mixed an evil concoction of meth and crack cocaine with coffee. 1.M.R. noticeably elevates your overall mood and energy, really causing you to get busy and get after ‘it,’ whatever that may be. The amount of L-Arginine in it provides and unbelievable pump and great bloodflow. That combined with the mood and energy enhancement and you get some of the best workouts in your life.


The serving size of 1.M.R. is drastically smaller than it competitors, so you don’t have to lug around a giant container or mix up some giant scoop of dirt that smells and tastes like a shotgun blast. The taste, by the way, is great and it comes in a variety of  delicious flavors.     There is no bitter tongue lashing aftertaste or a burning sensation in the chest like you just drank pure gasoline. A unique blend of red wine and grape seed extracts add to this taste as well as the effects.


Just a simple scoop mixed with water and shaken up (no need to worry about your bottle top exploding off either) and you are good to go. 7.2 calories a serving with only 1.8g of carbs. Affordable and reasonable as any other pre-workout supplement. BPI has a great product here; no mass marketing scheme, no unrealistic product claims, just an affordable formula that works and tastes great! Simple!