Products and Recipes: Making Super Grains easier to fit into the day


The mainstream diet trends of the last 30 years went from the low fat craze of the late 80’s, which evolved into the low carbohydrate fad of the 90’s, then to the no carbohydrate fad of the early 2000′s.


Multi-Colored Quinoa


Once the masses understood that our bodies require carbs for basic functionality, we were led to the healthy carbohydrate revelation: whole grain.  We are now demanding more whole grains in our food and the industry is answering with Ancient Grains. These whole grain carbohydrates are often called “Super Grains” and rightfully so. They are packed with more protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals than their industrialized counterparts. With this nutritional panel, it is no wonder that grains like quinoa were often offered as gifts to the Incan gods.  For the modern grocery shopper, these grains are much less expensive when compared to meat (protein) and refined-convenience foods (i.e. quick cook rice).  At the Supply Side West conference in Las Vegas in November 2012 the results of 2011’s world-wide launch of products containing a super grain were reported. From Farro to Amaranth, a total of 659 new super grain products were released across the world.


As a Registered Dietitian, I researched the nutritional aspects and possible allergens in these super grains. In the following chart, I have detailed some of the more popular super grains, their gluten containing facts, product on the US market containing the grain, and a link to a recipe utilizing the grain. Utilize these grains to decrease the amount of meat in your diet without sacrificing taste or protein.


Super Grain

Also Known As

Gluten Content




Spelt, Einkorn, Pearled faro,

emmer wheat

Reduced in gluten, not gluten free

Einkorn Pasta from Jovial Foods

Einkorn Pilaf with Lemon




Quinoa Blend from Near East

Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa


Pearl Millet


Millet Grits from Bob’s Red Mill

Warmed Millet Salad with Brussels, Mushroom, and Sage




 Amaranth Graham Crackers by Health Valley

Popped Amaranth snack




Whole grain Teff by Bob’s Red Mill

Banana Bread with Teff and Chocolate

Kamut (Trademarked company)


Contains gluten, variety of wheat

Khorasan List

Everything Cookie with Kamut Flour



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