Promising Yourself This Year Will be Different: And Meaning It


We do it every year. New Year rolls around, and we promise ourselves that this year is the year things will be different. We start off fresh. We make resolutions. But for some reason, more times than not we fail to stick to them. What about this cycle makes it something we can’t seem to break?

We can make excuses for making excuses, or we can recognize that the motivation to persevere lies within ourselves. Do you truly want this year to be different? Are you ready for the change? If the answer is yes, here are a few easy tips that will keep you on the path to a healthier you.


Eliminate Resolution from Your Vocabulary

If you’re like most people, when you make a ‘resolution’, your subconscious might already recognize the word as a fancy term for failure. You’ve broken too many resolutions in the past. So don’t use the word! Instead of making resolutions, make yourself a promise, set a goal, take one step at a time. Find a way that most speaks to you in a positive way. You will already feel free as you escape the weight of the infamous ‘resolution’.


Be Specific

Before making any type of promise to yourself, it’s important to hone in on your specific goals. If you want to lose weight, determine what it is you want to accomplish in small increments. It’s also key that these increments be realistic. Regardless of the nature of your goals, having a realistic expectation will keep you strong-minded and working hard. If you want to save more money, organize your finances in a detailed way and decide how much you can put aside each month. These are just examples of common resolutions, but no mission will ever be accomplished with vague objectives. A carefully planned strategy is the way to go.


Don’t Try to do it all at Once

Did you know the human brain only thinks about one thing at a time? It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. Even the greatest multitasker in the world is only ever registering one single thought. By setting too many goals, it’s impossible to focus on the one or two that are most important. Respect the nature of your brain and slow down for a minute. While you might think you’re not doing everything you should be, you’ll be doing exactly what is right.
Impatience is surefire way of beating yourself up If you set unachievable goals, take on too many challenges, you’ll fail and have another reason to start over. But if you break your assignment down into small and simple steps, you’ll go from mission impossible to planning your accomplishment celebration.


Keep A Positive Mindset

We all enjoy immediate gratification, so take the time to compliment yourself on your progress. Recognizing your success will build your confidence and your motivation. Being an optimistic is a free pleasure anyone has the potential to enjoy. By finding and maintaining this state of mind, suddenly reaching your career or personal goals won’t seem so overwhelming.


Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Just to remind you, we’re all human. You’re not perfect and no one expects you to be. There is no point to wasting time and energy hurting yourself with self-deprecation. Okay, so you messed up. Now it’s time to put that behind you and regain your focus. Just because you lost one battle doesn’t mean the mission has failed. Forgive yourself and go on. Remind yourself of your worth first and foremost before entering any path of self improvement.


Whether it’s the New Year, your birthday, or just another monotonous day at work, you can make positive changes at any time in your life. By following these suggestions, keeping a positive attitude, and celebrating your successes, this year can really be different in really inspiring way.

About the Author:  Janet Lynch is an inspirational blogger and writer. She is also a huge fan of dietdelivery and credits much of her healthy habits on simple solutions to life’s problems.





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