Poor Eating Habits Make Bad Food too Easy to Swallow


Would you eat food you didn’t like? You might try it, but would you continue to eat it? How about if it was a food that you normally liked but it was stale? If you are like most people, you are sitting there wondering why anyone would eat something they didn’t like or continue to eat any stale food. You would if your brain associated that food with a particular place.


Environmental cues can be so deeply ingrained that the experiment done by the author demonstrates that movies and popcorn are so connected that people were willing to eat stale popcorn, if they had that association. For those that didn’t eat popcorn at the movies, stale popcorn didn’t work for them. They are probably the candy eaters!


Our environment is so critical in our success when we initially change our poor eating habits that ridding our cabinets, fridge and freezer of all junk is essential if you want to eat healthy. Our brain cannot make the connection of cabinet and cookies if your cabinet is now stocked with other healthy goodies.


We do not eat just for taste. Triggers start the cycle many times. What are your triggers?



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