Navy Seal Workout


For gym rats, we have the luxury of being far more creative and employing tons of variety in the gym when seeking functional strength. Every day is a full-body workout!


Seal Workouts and the Battlefield of Fitness

Due to the mystique surrounding elite fighting forces, especially in this day and age where Hollywood derives a large percentage of its funding from military interests, the Navy Seal workout has been exaggerated. 


Seal training is about incredible cardiovascular efficiency, head to toe functional strength, and discipline, but isn’t all that complicated. A basic Google search will show that popular notions of getting ready for Hell Week include metric tons of swimming, running, pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.



Of course there’s more to being a Seal and it’s obvious why so few are chosen. But in terms of the average Joe or Jane who desires to have a physique like they do and get fit, I suggest a workout mind frame and regimen that has far more variety, but a similar level of dedication.


Adopt a Full-body workout Method
Seals need to possess not only impressive amounts of agility and stamina, but masterful command of the body. They need to be light on their feet and to have conquered their own weight and center of gravity. Thousands of pushups, sit-ups, and pull ups is great, especially with perfect form and full range of motion, but since most people in the gym aren’t preparing to visit warzones, get creative and incorporate two other exercises into each.


For example grab some exercise ingredients like burpees, box jumps, dumbbell rows, and dumbbell presses and swirl them together in a fitness cauldron. All of those as one is a pretty intense full-body workout; now add five pushups into each rep. In terms of building functional strength and muscle endurance 20 of those would feel like 500 pushups, but to nearly every muscle group in the body.


Get Creative with a Basic Navy Seal Workout
If one has an itching for Seal training then why not get imaginative with it? There are more ways than one to skin a cat in terms of pushups, pull-ups, and ab workouts right?


Pushups come in a variety of stances and military is only one of them. Remember to keep that backside low, try not to avoid eccentric stress, and then go from wide to the V-stance, from clapping to staggered.


Pull-ups also, in terms of grip, have a variety of stances and like pushups; each one poses its own challenge to a different set of muscles. Expend some effort to discover them and experiment on a regular basis. Also, I like to integrate at least one other exercise into my pull ups, whether it be burpees, box jumps, Romanian style get-ups, or barbell curls to squats.


When it comes to abdominal workouts, there must be over a 100 of them that can be mixed, juxtaposed, and melted together. Military style sit-ups are effective, but add to them anyway. Throw in a dumbbell or weight plate, add a twist or incorporate the legs.


A Navy Seal Workout for Gym Rats
Running, swimming, pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups are time tested and approved workouts; when conforming to the rigid discipline of preparing for Hell Week, seal training is hard to believe. But for gym rats, we have the luxury of being far more creative and employing tons of variety in the gym when seeking functional strength. Every day is a full-body workout!



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