My S.M.A.R.T. Goal GPS


Remember this savvy little way we all learned to help us write our own goals at work for our boss? The same rules can apply to our personal goals as well! Take a few minutes to assess your goals. Are they  S = Specific? Are they  M = Measurable? Are they  A = Actionable? Are they even  R = Realistic? And finally, are they  T = Timely? Here’s a quick GPS tool to assist you as your own Personal GPS Boss:

  1. What do I want to transform about my lifestyle, body, mind, and/or spirit in 2012 (List em’ all)?


  1. What can I do to start transforming each thing in:

the next week:

the next month:

the next 3 months:

the next 6 months:


  1. What information/skill sets do I need to make these changes?

  1. Where can I get this information/skill sets? (Who/What are my resources?)

  1. Who can I rely on to help me with these changes?


Very few of us are “All or None” doers. We often are “all or none” thinkers. We forget to give ourselves permission to re-direct, re-group, and to start again the very next meal, day, or week!   It takes us at least 90 days just to “build” a new habit. Move your trash can in your kitchen and see how long it takes you to stop dumping trash on the floor in the old spot versus the new one! 


Even after we build the habit we need time for it to solidify! Try mastering one goal at a time, instead of 10 all at once. A GPS is a guide to help you start to focus on your transformations. It will set you up for success by helping you recognize your goals will happen one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, instead of over night! 


The trick to a good GPS is to pre-program the journey. Remain open to re-direction where needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. And finally, to reach each destination intact! Also be sure to pick your very favorite inspiring voice to guide you, along with a background theme song to keep you humming along the route! Life is an adventure . . . dare it! 


PERSONAL POWER THOUGHT: When we are changing gears in life, always remember: “Find em’, don’t grind em’!” Sherry Derossett CNC.CPT



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