Healthy Diets Having More of an Impact than You Think


Basics of meningioma 

Meningioma is a common type of brain tumor, which can sometimes be cancerous. The American Society of Clinical Oncology indicates that meningiomas are responsible for 34 percent of primary brain tumors in the United States, affecting approximately six in every 100,000 people.


These slow-growing tumors form on the surface of the brain in the meninges, a thin membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. If these tumors begin to press on the brain or spinal cord, they can affect the individual’s thoughts and motor skills.


This also makes treatment challenging, since treating the tumor can also affect thoughts and movement in the patient. Surgical treatment, for instance, can be quite risky, especially on large tumors.

Fruits and vegetables to shrink meningiomas?

Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium, among other essential nutrients have been shown to lower rates of cancers and other health issues, promoting overall health. The healthier the body is, the better equipped it will be to fight cancer.


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These nutrients may also help shrink tumors and lower cancer risk. A study performed by the Harbin Medical College in China showed that the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish lowered an individual’s risk of developing meningiomas, and also appeared to shrink existing tumors. Researchers believe that the phytonutrients in these foods are the reason for this.

Vitamin E supports cancer treatments

Vitamin E, found in nuts and seeds, is another important nutrient to consume in the fight against meningioma. In one controlled trial, cancer patients given 200 mg of vitamin E daily had and five out of 13 experienced slowing in growth of tumors. When used in conjunction with radiation and chemotherapy, vitamin E aided in shrinking tumors significantly for some patients.

These studies indicate the importance of a healthy diet packed with plant-based foods for patients dealing with cancer. While diet alone is not sufficient to treat this disease, it may help by giving the body nutrients it needs to boost the immune system and control cancer growth. When combined with modern medical techniques, a healthy diet is a valuable tool toward stopping cancer and improving survival rates, particularly for patients with meningioma. 



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