The Healing Power Behind a Kiss

A study conducted by German physicians and psychologists concluded that those who regularly kissed their spouse before heading off to work made more money.


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It was further found that kissing elevates the spirit & arouses confidence, making us more productive. Ahhh…but kissing is so much more.
In men, a passionate kiss can cause the release of oxytocin, a hormone that fosters bonding & attachment. (Ladies, keep kissing your men!) During a wet kiss where saliva is exchanged, the man passes a small amount of testosterone to his partner. Hence, repeated kissing over time may enhance a female’s libido, making her more apt to sex. (Men, don’t forget the juicy kisses!) Holding hands & kissing gives an extra benefit of decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol.
Why we kiss is more complex. It may help us find our mate. In fact, one study found 66% of women & 59% of men say the quality of the first kiss can make or break a relationship. Why so important? A disproportionate amount of our brain is used to interpret signals from the mouth, lips & tongue. And, being close enough to kiss helps our noses assess compatibility. Research shows that women prefer scents of men whose immunity-coding genes are different from their own. Mixing genes produce offspring with a stronger immunity to sickness.
What about love? A romantic first kiss causes the release of dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter associated with feelings of desire & reward. In some, a jolt of dopamine can cause loss of appetite & inability to sleep. Wow, sounds a lot like falling in love, doesn’t it?
Kissing may be a key to maintaining the species, but it has much more everyday significance. Women are more likely to decline sex with a partner unless they have kissed first. But not just any kiss. Women are more likely to refuse sex with a poor kisser. Men, on the other hand have no preference, having sex with, or without kissing first…and tend to think that kissing should lead to sex no matter what. I’ll withhold my opinion on that!


Just a Kiss

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The Healing Power Behind a Kiss


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