Get Fit with Full-Body Workouts!


Whether it’s an upper body workout or a lower body workout, heavy metabolic demand is what people who want to slim down are after. Mix the two, experiment, challenge the center of gravity, and use more than one plane of motion. Finally, as a reminder, never forget that increasing form is more important than increasing weight. With low weight and nearly infinite variability there’s no reason why this can’t be safely practiced each and every day.


Full Body Workout: Slimming

Exercise regimens that concentrate on regularly incorporating a full-body workout, with short bouts of cardio, are extremely effective in both physical conditioning, and overall health. This means creating exercises that challenge the upper and lower body, within multiple planes of motion, and force internal balance and stabilization mechanisms to come into play.


Lower Body Workout: Flavors

Full-body workouts for trimming down aren’t geared towards building lean muscle mass. Instead, they’re about burning as many calories, safely, as possibly. Because the legs and hip complex are such huge portions of the musculature, making sure they’re in every single workout, somehow, is rather important. They add tons to metabolic output.


Endless squats aren’t enough. Try to add movement that requires leaving a stationary stance. Frontal, Saggital, and Transverse lunges are viable options that bring into the mix all kinds of smaller artificial muscles, keeping joints, tendons, and ligaments strong. Also, the more the lower body is asked to balance and navigate through precarious postures; large amounts of calories are burned as a result.


Upper Body Workout: Creations

The more the body is confused, the more variation it’s expected to adapt to, and the more it must fully engage the central nervous system to keep the body from falling over, the better. This means that making the upper body exercise go one way, while the lower torso is going another is a great idea!


Add some dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, barbells etc. and use the imagination to get in the habit of making workouts seem more like martial arts Kata’s rather than single-joint traditional gym exercises.


Form Trumps Weight

Because these workouts are for lowering body fat percentage, there’s no call for heavy, or even moderate weights. The body is calling on and employing so many muscles at once it really doesn’t matter. The demand is going to burn tons of calories and protect the lean mass from breaking down.


However, make sure that a complex full-body workout is eased into. There’s no reason to rush into insane full-body circuits without getting the used to these types of situations. Serious injuries can occur if a highly untrained body attempts intricate movements without having a chance to adapt. Concentrate on form first, then worry about weight, but keep it light because in the end form rids the body of far more fat than weight alone.


Get Fit with Full-body workouts!



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