Finding Your Stride: Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Change


You used to go jogging, take a walk, use the treadmill, take a Pilates class, bicycle or dance then life got in the way. You had a life altering event tragic or terrific and now you need to rediscover your stride.


First you have to stop making room in your life for the excuse. Whatever you use work, home,the kids, a pet who needs you, a past injury it is time to put aside the excuse and make time for you!

Next enroll in a class or go to the Pilates studio and meet the instructors get a tour of the facility this will take away the nervous jitters you have had about beginning again. Talk to them about your goals and any health concerns you might have. Find a good match to your needs and personality. Take the step.


Be held accountable, get a buddy to workout with, this doesn’t have to be your best friend, maybe it is a co-worker, neighbor, your partner, son or daughter. These people may share the same desires as you and have been nervous about bringing it up. Pick someone who will share and encourage your positive self-talk.
Now keep it realistic, did you get to this point in one month, two? This is going to be the step you take to a lifestyle change. This is going to take more than one or two months of twice a week Pilates classes. Know too that life will continue to take place and put up obstacles for you to overcome. So when they happen take the time to deal with them keep your routine as best you can then once it passes ,”This too shall pass” a proverb indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.   You will be proud of how well you did to maintain your healthful new lifestyle.


Give yourself permission to start feeling great about your choice to get fit. Make small changes and keep them going, studies show it takes about 60 days to form a new long term habit. When the critical inner voicerears its ugly head, and it will, to tell you “this is a lot harder than I thought it would be let’s just quit, Give up! “ Stop the chatter and remind yourself again what are the benefits you have enjoyed from this new healthful lifestyle. Take baby steps.
Now your ready to take charge of your stride again you can get to sculpting your upper body on the reformer, bust that muffin top with a challenging mat routine, and get those long lean legs with some standing arm spring squats and lunges.   Get out in the winter when the sun is shining and take a brisk walk with a buddy and feel the fresh clean air filling your lungs.


Now that you have broken the negative inner critic from its hold over you a small step at a time there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Remember nobody can make you feel inferior without your giving them permission, including yourself!


Stacy A. Price-Darkis, CPI, BCES
Studio 59 Pilates Fitness, LLC




One thought on “Finding Your Stride: Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Change

  1. Great health related tips on the need for exercise in an overall fitness program that should also include diet. A pity so few people these days realize the importance of the need to keep a trim and healthy body as a buffer against illness.

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