Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin

So continues the saga of the training workouts in the middle of Kansas. Working with my friend toward a fit and toned body that includes a lot of lifting. Working together, we met her weight goal…yahoo! More than that she is learning that it is not the number on the scale that matters. There are other ways to confirm that you are meeting your weight loss goals:

  • Does that dress that was tight, and rode up in all the wrong places, fit better…WITHOUT the body shaper on underneath it?
  • Do you notice that your arms don’t keep waving when you stop?
  • Do you have more energy and feel stronger?

The more people I visit with, the more I realize that everyone wants to feel comfortable in their Comfortable in Your Skin With body. I was at a theme park recently with my family and as we waited in line for a roller coaster I watched a woman get in a seat and struggle to get the seatbelt locked and the bar down over her lap. I saw a look in her eyes, a mixture of sadness, embarrassment and defeat…a look that I see on a lot of peoples’ faces in my community.


People can be healthy in a variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t let what the media or your friends tell you always define who you think you should be in any facet of your life. Your doctor and a good personal trainer can help you achieve your goals. Given this relatively simple start on the journey to weight loss and health, why don’t people seek out the help?


People don’t change until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of changing. As with most women, before I was married I was in good shape. I was in a single digit jean size and had energy to stay up late and get up early. Fast forward 6 years and I have a husband, three kids and a very busy life…along with almost 30 extra pounds on my 5’4” frame.  


How did that happen? I remained overweight for quite awhile until the pain of remaining the same was too much. I was tired all the time…stressed out…uncomfortable squeezing into my pants…and starting to become resigned to a life of perpetual “mommy-weight”. I realized that the choices I was making were keeping me stuck with extra weight and a level of self-esteem that I just couldn’t swallow. I made a choice for health today…focusing not on the number on the scale but on the way I felt each day.


What is your life-changing moment? What will be the game changer for you? Don’t let the media tell you what you should look like…or what you should be. Don’t always trust the number on the scale. Trust how you feel. Use the guidelines that professionals give you to help you progress on your weight loss journey!


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