Everyday People Living Extraodinary Lives – Louie King Jr

I’ve always found motivation in stories of regular people like you and me who are living with and through circumstances that would be considered unbearable. Yet the human spirit always is able to find a way to push forward. Once a month I will feature a story of Everyday People Living Extraordinary Lives!


I would like you to meet Louie King Jr. I met Louie when he was a student at the Professional Fitness Institute working towards his personal training certification. It was amazing to hear his story because looking at him you see a truly fit and strong individual and the first impression is he is probably genetically gifted and just a natural fitness nut. This is the amazing part because Louie is anything but genetically gifted and in fact at some point he would have told you he was genetically cursed. I’ll let Louie tell you his story:



I used to sit and wonder why me?  Then I started to realize I have a gift. My name is Louie I’m a 30 year old male that has traveled a very long and rocky road. I was born with a congenital heart defect of an enlarged heart; two holes in the upper chambers and a leaky aorta valve. When I was five I had my first open heart surgery to repair the two holes and remove a growth from underneath my aorta. My second open heart surgery came at the age of 14 and the goal was to place what they call an o-ring around the aorta. The purpose was the aorta would not close all the way so blood was reentering the chamber against blood being pumped so the ring would clamp down on the valve to help close it and seal off any blood from returning the wrong way. My third open heart surgery came at age 19 when the aorta and mitro valve became too weak and now was deteriorated. I then had my first cardioversion (being shocked with an aed to reset pace) I then had a defibrillator (icd) implant. Being an active 24 year old, I was shocked multiple times when I didn’t need it. It took many trials and errors (Each shock feels like getting kicked in the chest by a horse). In 2007 my wires came lose and it took 6 surgeries and a 6 week stay in hospital to get back. So if you’re keeping count, I’ve been cardioverted 5 times now and over 12 different heart related surgeries. And now…I’m a certified trainer helping others live a fun and healthy life. This is my badge of honor my right to be a trainer. Pain is temporary, quitting is forever. 


Inspired by Louie’s story?   Find out more about him or message him to let him know he motivated you at Louie King Jr.


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