Buying the Best Treadmill for Your Body and Your Budget


I often get asked by potential customers, “what is the best treadmill that I should buy.” To get the proper answer the question needs to be further clarified. So I respond by asking additional questions like:


Will you be using the treadmill for walking, jogging or running?

If you plan to just walk on your treadmill, then you can purchase a less expensive model. But if you plan to run at speeds of over 8 mph you better consider buying a heavy duty machine. The reason you need a more solid and durable machine for running is due to the constant impact that comes with running. It is estimated that when you run you impact the surface at a rate of 2.5 times your body weight. Multiple that impact tens of thousands of times and image the abuse a running treadmill takes in comparison to one designed for walking.


In addition, a running treadmill must sustain higher speeds. Consequently, you require a motor that can run effortlessly at higher speeds. You will also want a treadmill that is solidly stable, and you want a treadmill that does a superior job of absorbing shock from your impact. You can get away with a decent walking treadmill for under $1,000, but if you are a serious runner you should consider spending in excess of $1,500.


What is your weight?

Excessively heavy people will place extra strain on a treadmill. It makes sense that person that weighs over 250 lbs. is going to abuse a treadmill more than a person who weighs 150 lbs. The recommendations for buying a treadmill for either a walker or a runner equally apply to purchasing a treadmill is you are of of average weight or you are overweight. Also, in my opinion, the weight recommendations that most treadmill manufacturers suggest for their machines are usually over exaggerated . You will find treadmills selling for under $1,000 where the manufacturer suggest the weight limit is 300 lbs.


Will there be multiple users?

Two users are going to double the wear and tear on a treadmill in comparison to a single user. And if both are going to utilize the treadmill daily, that results in some serious usage. Of course, it gets more complicated if both users are runners or they are both overweight. Ahhh! All these variable get so confusing. However, I think you get the point. You need to determine the amount of strain you are going to put on a treadmill to get an idea of what is a reasonable amount you need to pay for a machine that accommodate the amount of abuse it will encounter. Runners, excessively overweight individuals and multiple users need to upgrade.


What features do you require?

The final factor you want to consider is the type of features you require to attain your fitness goals. Some people, like myself, prefer to manually set their speed and incline. However, others like the preinstalled challenges that are typically available on all treadmills. These various programs switch up the speed and incline to help break the monotony of exercising in place. Furthermore ,there are now treadmills that let you download your stats onto your own personalized account online. This allows you to monitor you progress, and studies show that individual that track their results are more likely to achieve your fitness goals. Finally, brands like NordicTrack, ProForm and Smooth sells treadmills that allow you to create personalized workout programs that are downloaded onto your treadmill. These workouts are customized to your fitness goals.

In selecting the best treadmill for your body and your budget. It is important to determine your fitness goals and to align them with the right machine to achieve your goals. That means multiple, overweight runners are going to need to spend more than a few hundred for a proper treadmill. However, a single average weight walker does not need a commercial grade treadmill for their needs.


About the Author:  Fred Waters is the author of, where you can get reviews and ratings on hundreds of treadmills.  He has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 17 years, and is known for his professional opinions.



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