Build Your Own Fitness Regimen


3 Reasons to Fashion Your Own Workouts


  1. Most people, whether they want to admit it or not, are creative artists. So, when faced with the prospect of having to put together their

    own dynamic workouts, some research will be in order. This means they are going to learn about and discover all kinds of fun new ways to get in shape beyond the normal snoretastic exercises.

  2. Getting into the habit of juxtaposing workouts brings about two really effective things.     First, people begin using workout notebooks and diaries which allows them to have a better view of their regimens.        Second, they are far more likely to add tons of variety, and that is a very good thing in terms of changing and maintaining optimum body composition.
  3. Taking control of one’s fitness is empowering and fosters better overall results.

3 Tips to Creating Workouts


  1. Research: In order to get the best results one should dive into the web, the local book store, and their memory and come up with at least 50-75 different exercises that can be used to mold dynamic workouts. They should target all parts of the body including minor muscle groups, as well as the bigger more popular ones that the corporate fitness industry mistakenly has people obsessing over. Smaller muscles play a bigger role in avoiding injury.
  2. Variation: The body is not a mechanical, but a biological machine; even mechanical ones get worn out and brake down from repetitive motion. In order for the body to change, it must be asked to adapt to something it isn’t already used to. When creating workouts, literally shoot to never do the same workout twice in one month. This keeps the body on its toes and produces amazing results in a fraction of the time repetitive workouts can or may.
  3. Redefining: Recreate and redefine what an “exercise” is when putting together refreshing and varied workouts. If you say that a single exercise is a combination of five traditional ones, then so be it! Furthermore, redefine what a “rep” and a “set” are. Be Creative!

Empowerment Construction

Let loose, have fun, be creative, and take the reins of your exercise regimen because it is worth it and produces far better results than the status quo. Furthermore, it inspires others to do the same thing!




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