Become Your Own Fitness Guru!


With over a trillion dollars of outstanding student loan debt in America alone, disillusionment with higher education abounds. But there is always another cheaper option. With social media sites, the blogosphere, and collective information hubs, the resources are available to gather insights and tools for the aspiring fitness guru’s.


This training will allow them to get in on the ground floor for the  reawakening in health and fitness in the western world which I believe is right around the corner.


3 Reasons to become a Fitness Guru

  1. It feels good to help people and there are so many out there right now who could use some of yours. What is more precious to us than our bodies and health? When you study and research health and fitness you empower yourself and give yourself the tools to help people improve their lives and bodies and  get in shape. What an amazing gift that is!
  2. A major trend that I believe is going to sweep the western world, especially America, is a “Do It Yourself” fitness attitude. This means that in studying exercise science, nutrition, and basic physiology in your spare time, you are preparing yourself to know the right things at the right time to increase your personal value to society.
  3. Economically speaking, what the west is experiencing is a “Sickness and Disease” bubble, and history proves that all bubbles pop. A transition is taking place where profits are already shifting to preventative health and wellness over junk food, medical bills, and petroleum throw away products. When the fitness bubble really hits this country, people like you will be highly sought after and generously paid for doing good work.


Grassroots Fitness Leads the Charge

The digital world is becoming one where traditional merits are less sought after and niche information is. Whether we are talking about search engines or social networking, the web is shaping and molding itself around communities of people with similar interests, tastes, and preferences.


Fitness and Health is among the most thriving community out there and for good reason. The current system is unsustainable and our cultures recognize that. Rather than individualism being surrounded by superficial consumption, it is shifting towards intellectual, physical, and spiritual empowerment.



Self-Empowerment is Fitness

When a person takes the time to educate themselves, taking advantage of the tools the 21st century provides, it is a statement to not only the individuals psyche, but the world at large that they are going to make a difference. It is a demonstration of fitness.


Being there when the fitness boom hits, available to assist others to find their way back to health is a noble venture indeed.




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