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Travis Conley

Travis Conley is a professional trainer with over eight years in the field. He is certified and accredited by multiple top-leading companies and organizations in the industry. He specializes in strength and conditioning among other things and has completed studies in medical exer-therapy. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from Central Missouri State University. Travis has been recognized internationally in his years as a wrestler. He currently trains and competes at a high-level in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu across the country and soon oversees. With his unique experiences, vast knowledge, and unmatched drive Travis is in the forefront of the industry, poised to change America’s health, fitness, and wellness issues for the better.


The Human Expression

Expression is the vehicle of creativity, the dialogue of one’s personal human experience. How we express ourselves shows who we are. There are endless ways of self expression. Some of the most obvious ways are forms considered art. Singing, painting, acting, and writing are all artistic forms of expression.

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