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Sherry Lynn Derossett

With 10 years experience as a CNC/CPT, Sherry Derossett, owner of Personal Power Health & Nutrition, coaches clients in basic Metabolism and Nutrition knowledge to transform personal daily nutritional needs to meet lifestyle and fitness goals. Her program offers: Short/Long Term Goal Plans, Daily Diet Plans, Fitness Assessment, and Program Tools/Resources to guide each client to personal success. Her program is also geared for Group Seminars. Sherry has partnered with numerous clients, including Body-Building/Figure competitors, amateur athletes, and women from all fitness levels. CNC, CPT, Group Trainer, and a Body Building/Figure Competitor in the NANBF. She has written and developed Nutrition Programs, PT Programs, and PT Development Guides to “Train the Trainer”.



Humor Management – Lighten Your Fit Load

  We have every form of Lifestyle Management available to us today to keep us, well . . . managed! Even Corporate America embraces Humor Management as a tool to boost employee morale.   As a fitness expert and avid fitness fan, I encourage people to do what they like and to have fun at [...]

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Transform Your Metabolism with Exercise

Many people want to look like someone else and they don’t even have the same body type! To determine what it will take to get your body type to your goal body weight, this will help you be more realistic and know the amount of cardio or strength training you will need.

Feed Your Need: Transform Your Metabolism

Teaser: Feed Your Need: Transform Your Metabolism   Full Article: METABOLISM: The rate at which your body breaks down the nutrients in food to produce ENERGY. It is the rate at which yourbody burns calories. Heredity, genetics, hormones, Your baseline metabolism is determined at BIRTH (This is your “set point”) thyroid, and insulin are the other important [...]

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