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Shay McKelvey

Shay McKelvey, Founder of BFitSanDiego, is a Registered Nurse, exercise physiologist, author, & personal trainer. She has been in the health & fitness industry for more than 2 decades and is passionate about sharing health & fitness with anyone who will listen. She has seen the effects of lack of exercise and poor eating and has cared for those that have suffered the chronic diseases that result. As a fitness trainer, Shay has coached frail elderly, overweight individuals, fitness nuts and competitive athletes to be the best they can be. She is an expert on health, fitness and vibrant aging. She balances her intellectual pursuits with weight training, running, hiking, biking, kayaking…and all sorts of other fun ways to challenge herself. Her workouts critiques, BFitSanDiego Reviews, can be found at


Do You Have What It Takes to Be World Class?

Do you wonder why you can’t be a super athlete, have a great body, or have a lucrative career?  It sure seems like some people were just born with the right stuff. They are either blessed genetically, have an innate talent or were just plan lucky to be born into the right family with all the [...]

Curb Appetite Naturally

Teaser: It helps your colon: prevents & treats constipation, lowers your risk of hemorrhoids, helps to prevent diverticulosis and will decrease the risk of complications if you have it, helps control blood sugar levels, & may even reduce the onset of bowel cancer.   Full Article: In 2 separate studies, both with more than 40,000 [...]

The Healing Power Behind a Kiss

A study conducted by German physicians and psychologists concluded that those who regularly kissed their spouse before heading off to work made more money.   It was further found that kissing elevates the spirit & arouses confidence, making us more productive. Ahhh…but kissing is so much more.   In men, a passionate kiss can cause the [...]

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