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Sharon Kibbe

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from Pittsburg State University, I went on to earn a Master of Science in Management from Friends University. My professional career includes time spent marketing and fundraising for a non-profit retirement community. My time there was followed up as the President & CEO of a local non-profit hospice. I am currently the Department Chair for Allied Health Studies at a career college. Our Allied Health programs include Medical Assisting, Health Care Administration and Health & Fitness Trainer. I teach Physical Education at a local Christian school for K-12. I also own a personal training company called "Return to You: Created for Movement and Health" that focuses on bringing mommies back to the woman they knew, and may be mourning the loss of, before they had children and their bodies and lives changed forever. I am proud to be one of those women! Three kids and a busy life still creates a passion in me to help women feel like they are strong, vibrant and worthy!

What is the difference between being overweight and obese?

What is the difference between being overweight and obese? Is there really a difference? The following article discusses the differences in these terms, their causes and prevention. Lack of energy balance, calories in versus calories out as well as an inactive lifestyle is often the root of the problem. While genetic predisposition cannot be discounted [...]

Our Environment’s Influence on Weight Gain

Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t help that I’m overweight…it’s my genes.”? What about, “I don’t have time to eat right/get enough sleep/exercise/(fill in the blank).”? Or, “I need to lose a few pounds before an event this weekend so I’ll just skip a few meals and drink a lot of water.”? We [...]

U.S. study links premature death to extra pounds

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that even a few extra pounds on your body increases the risk for premature death. We have known for a long time that obesity has been tied to premature death but these new findings speak to the notion that those falling within the overweight [...]

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