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Linda Pramshafer

Linda is currently an Area Promotions Director/Presenter for Powder Blue Productions promoting TurboKickTM, PiYoTM & Hip Hop HustleTM. She is a Zumba instructor teaching at top clubs as well as corporate facilities, where she also helps to facilitate Zumba fundraisers for schools and local charities. Her love and passion to help others become physically and financially fit drove her to pursue her own business as an Independent Beachbody Coach. She especially enjoys helping new instructors break into the business, learn the ropes, get their feet wet and become passionate about the opportunity to inspire others into living a healthier lifestyle.

Should You Wear Compression Gear?

Teaser: Should You Wear Compression Gear? Full Article: Seems like lately compression gear has become quite the hype. However, I’ve touched on this subject earlier and mostly studies conclude that the claims for enhanced performance from compression gear are inconclusive.   The primary rationale behind wearing compression gear is that they may enhance blood flow [...]

High-Tech Workout Apparel…does it really work?

I am not an avid runner, so I will usually grab any old pair of shorts, bra top and t-shirt and head out, however, my sister has the latest in high-tech running pants with anti-chaffing, moisture wicking material, reflectors and little pockets for I-pods and other gadgets/keys. Does she really have an advantage over me, [...]

Turbowear’s Hot New Fashion Line Released!

Teaser: Turbowear’s  Hot New Fashion Line Released! Full Article:  Each year thousands of people, including me, eagerly await Powderblue’s new line of Turbowear to be revealed at their annual Camp DO MORE fashion show. This year was especially exciting as the show was “live” UStream, July 22nd and you could make orders right after the [...]

Essentials for gym bag…TOP TEN

Teaser: Learn More About the Author: Full Article: Now that you have had time to shop around for a new gym bag or rediscover your current gym bag. Let’s take a look at the TOP TEN Essential items to bring to pack with you for your trip to the gym:   WATER (or another drink [...]

Top Ten Sports Bra’s

I have to admit I am a Victoria Secrets Pink 2/$25 Bra top girl myself, however, after researching this subject and a recent ride on a rollercoaster, I think I’ve finally convinced myself to at least splurge on one good sports bra and see if it makes a difference. After compiling numerous “Best of” and [...]

The Right Sports Bra…It’s in the FIT!

Luckily for me, I’ve never had too much of a problem in this area being of the smaller size when it comes to what Mother Nature provided. I have to admit upon researching this topic I’ve discovered I have been measuring my bra size incorrectly for years! Teaser: The Right Sports Bra…It’s in the FIT! [...]

Your Best Fit, may keep you fit!

Sounds a bit like a George Jetson shopping experience but picture yourself stepping into a kiosk to be scanned for your measurements to find the best fitting clothes for you. Then off into another private booth where your measurements are discussed. You’re handed a list with your appropriate sizes, paired with a list of designers [...]

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