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Kristi Lockwood

My two passions are being a mom and fitness. As a mom, I always appreciate a great shortcut. Whether it is a tip on how to prepare a recipe faster, or a trick for putting on makeup, a good shortcut will make my day a little easier. Fitness and nutrition are no different, as a great tip can make all the difference.

The Advantages of Weight Training

Resistance training is where it’s at these days…everyone’s doing it. At least that’s what most articles want us to believe. But the thought of resistance training (aka weight training), can be very intimidating. For others, there might be the belief that’s not necessary to maintain health and fitness or reach a certain fitness goal.   Unfortunately, [...]

Should You Avoid Weight Machines?

Free weights vs. weight machines—another one of the great debates in the world of health and fitness. Walk into any gym and you will see a selection of both, but there is a misconception that machines work the muscle the same way as lifting a dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell. While machines can be great for [...]

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