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Jeremiah Samborski

Jeremiah is a certified personal trainer and is very committed to preventative health and wellness. He has been able to translate his passion for health, and positive outlook working as a trainer helping clients and friends accomplish their goals through a commitment to mindful living, proper exercise and nutrition.


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[Infographic] Is Your Job Killing You?

The past 40 years have seen a lot of changes when it comes to the American’s lifestyle, including the way we work. People are sitting more, getting less exercise, engaging with computers on a daily basis, and finding new ways to get stressed out.   How has this shift in the way we work effected [...]


17 Cancer Fighting Foods and Spices

A person’s diet can definitely play a key role in their physical well – being. The National Cancer Institute has found several common grocery items that contain cancer-fighting properties, helping to decrease one-third of cancer deaths that may be due to poor diets.

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