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Beth Horn

• Played “Venom” on NBC’s hit show American Gladiators 2007-2010 • Spokesperson and Instructor at The Professional Fitness Institute in Las Vegas 2005-present • Author of “The Natural Way - The Holistic Guide To Total Mind-Body, Health & Fitness” • Weider Publications endorsed athlete 2001-2006 • Professional Fitness Competitor 2000-2003 • Overall National Fitness Champion of 2000 • Personal Trainer; 1997-present


Believe In Yourself!

It is important to have goals to strive for, intentions to live by and dreams to live for.  First and foremost, you must Believe In Yourself!  It is important to have positive people around you.  You become the people around you, so surround yourself with positive people who support your greatness!!   Maybe you are [...]

TIPS To Keep Your Discipline When Eating Out

• Only eat half your meal and bring the other half home • Enjoy a salad while others enjoy appetizers • Order salad dressings and sauces on the side • Request low-fat dressing • Request lemon, vinegar or balsamic instead of salad dressing • Avoid butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, bacon and cheese • Steamed veggies [...]

Do You C?

Many people reach for their Vitamin C when they start feeling sick, but the science doesn’t really support this idea.  In a 2007 review of current literature, researchers at The Australian National University and The University of Helsinki found that Vitamin C supplementation had little to no effect on reducing the length or severity of [...]

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