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diabetes awarness month

Common Diabetes Myths

Imagine how you would feel if you developed diabetes and your significant other believed the third myth. It’s important for everyone to help de-bunk a medical myth when you know the facts!

Study Proves the Freshman Fifteen is a Myth

Teaser: Fifteen is a Myth Full Article: It’s a phrase that strikes fear into the heart of every first year college student. No, not midterms, but the freshman fifteen. It’s commonly thought that young adults tend to gain a large amount of weight their first year of college, but a study conducted by researchers at [...]

Male Breast Cancer: Uncommon But Deadly

Teaser: But Deadly   Full Article: The first reaction when thinking about breast cancer is that it mostly affects women. This is true, but the cancer can pose a serious threat to men as well. A new analysis of cancer rates shows that when men are diagnosed with breast cancer it is usually at an [...]

California Decides that Minors and Tanning Don’t Mix

Teaser: Minors and Tanning Don’t Mix   Full Article: It’s old news that the glow that comes from hours in a sunbed can lead to skin cancer, but a new development in the tanning world has recently come to light. The state of California has issued a ban on the use of tanning beds by [...]

Behavior of Exercise and Psychological Health

I love going to the gym or working out outside in parks and watching the behavior or exercisers. I wonder what the motivations are for each person to get off the couch and be active. In a society where image is everything I have to think that many people are exercising to look a certain way. And [...]

Burgers vs. Salads:

Americans are becoming more and more conscious of what we’re eating… aren’t we? The sales numbers of healthy foods at restaurants beg to differ. Even though many popular restaurants have made changes to their menus to promote healthier eating, the majority of Americans still reach for the burgers and fries.   Teaser:  What Do Americans [...]

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