The Advantages of Weight Training

Resistance training is where it’s at these days…everyone’s doing it. At least that’s what most articles want us to believe. But the thought of resistance training (aka weight training), can be very intimidating. For others, there might be the belief that’s not necessary to maintain health and fitness or reach a certain fitness goal.
Unfortunately, everyone’s not doing it, but everyone should be. The article titled “Why Everyone Should Lift Weights” on is a must read. It’s appropriately titled because it has a reason for everyone.
It goes into detail about how strength training improves muscular endurance and mass, and how that affects the body and metabolism.
It provides information about resistance training can slow down or even reverse the physical effects of aging. And who doesn’t want to be a little bit “tougher” in those golden years?
It also offers muscle building facts that will help give you the edge in nearly everything you do, such as playing with your kids, carrying your shopping, moving furniture, climbing stairs, or even standing up.
And how many of us sit at a desk all day? There are side effects to our muscles that can be inevitable, as muscles adapt to their surroundings, but strength and flexibility training can counter this effect.
No matter who you are or what your situation, this article hits the reasons why resistance training is a huge benefit.
The Advantages of Resistance Training For Health

Why everyone should lift weights

The advantages of resistance training for health

The Advantages of Weight Training


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