7 Ways a Workout Partner Triggers Fitness Success

Sticking to a fitness routine can sometimes be a challenge. Many individuals lack the motivation, inspiration and knowledge required to meet their fitness goals. Workout partners can provide a solution to these issues, as well as many others.


Having an exercise buddy can offer significant benefits, both mental and physical, to both parties involved. In addition to keeping you on track with your fitness routine, a buddy can provide support, tips and advice, motivation and accountability.


  • Motivation We all have days when we’d rather just stay on the couch instead of working out. A great workout partner will will provide the necessary motivation to get you out the door on your way to fitness. And when workouts get tough, a buddy will help keep you motivated to see it through to the end
  • Support Having a workout partner can provide support, both mental and physical, to both partners. Physically speaking, a workout buddy can increase the safety of your workouts by being a spotter. Emotionally, a buddy will cheer you on and share your victory when a  fitness goal is met
  • Knowledge Shared knowledge is a great benefit of having a workout buddy. You can share exercise tips, give advice and try new techniques together. This helps prevent boredom and monotony by keeping your workouts challenging and fresh, which will also lead to more quality workouts and better fitness levels.
  • Accountability A good workout partner will hold you accountable to your exercise goals. For example, when you know someone is counting on you to make it to your scheduled workout sessions, you’re less likely to skip them. This also helps when it comes to the quality of your workouts: when a partner depends on you, you won’t want to disappoint them by performing at a sub-par level.
  • Companionship Having a friendly companion next to you during those long workout sessions can come in handy. Conversation and companionship will keep your mind occupied, and helps time pass more quickly.
  • Friendly Competition A little competition never hurt anyone. In regards to fitness, competing with your workout buddy can lend to better performance and higher fitness levels.


Choosing a Workout Partner

When choosing an exercise buddy, there are a few basic points to remember:

  • Fitness Level If you’re an exercise newbie, choosing a marathon runner as a workout partner probably isn’t a good idea. By choosing a partner with a fitness level similar to yours, you can progress together without anyone getting left behind. You can also set similar goals and reach them together. Consider factors such as strength and endurance when choosing a workout buddy.
  • Exercise Preferences Similar workout preferences are important when choosing a partner. For example, a professional bodybuilder and a yoga student is an unlikely partnership. Though they may learn from one another, better workout partnerships involve people with similar exercise habits and techniques. For instance, if pilates is your favorite workout, sign up for a class and look for a workout buddy there. There are online weight training groups available for people with similar fitness interests.
  • Availability Choose a partner that lives, works or works out nearby. This makes it easier to plan workouts, and ensures you’ll work out more often. In addition to scheduled workouts, having your workout partner close by can lead to spur of the moment workouts, as well.

Where to Find a Workout Partner

  • As stated previously, look close to home. If you don’t have any friends willing to be your workout buddy, consider looking for a partner at work. The gym is also a great place to find a workout buddy. If you already belong to a gym or fitness club, chances are you’ve formed relationships with other members. If not, you could post an ad on your gym’s message board, or even on a message board at work. Don’t be shy when approaching a potential workout buddy. Odds are, they’ll love the idea of having an exercise partner and will appreciate your straightforwardness.

No matter your current fitness level, goals or preferences, having a workout partner can provide significant advantages. Whether you’re just starting out on a fitness routine or are a seasoned fitness buff, having a partner can provide tremendous support on your path to achieving your fitness goals.


Author Bio: Mac H. is a weight training enthusiast and writer that lives in Tampa. He enjoys weight training challenges and going to the beach with friends.


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