5 Reasons Having a Dog Can Keep You Fit


First question: Do you insist on taking the best care of your dog as you possibly can? You know, buying only organic dog food, the best dog insurance, and BPA free chew toys?



Yes? Good…now onto the next question: Do you often find yourself unmotivated to exercise?


Well, your dog might be just the partner you need to start a new fitness regimen and stick to it. Think of your dog as your personal trainer, with a resting heart rate in the 40 BPM range (ours is on average 70 BPM) and the ability to drink over a gallon of water a day. Need more convincing? He can help you maximize your workout and burn at least 200–250 calories per hour on a walk alone (compared to 100 calories on your own)!


Here are the five ways dogs can keep you fit—and five reasons you should let your dog take care of you for a change.


Dogs Will Wake You Up Early

For those of us who want to start getting up earlier to get some exercise in before work, a playful pup will have you out of bed at the break of dawn. Dogs are creatures of habit, so they will be at your bedside nudging you unfailingly for your 6 AM run.


Dogs Will Always Have More Energy Than You

One of the best parts about having a pet is that it will always want to play. How many times have you had a gym or running partner flake on you only minutes before you were planning on exercising? A dog will never cancel, making it more difficult for you to justify skipping the exercise. Think of them as the partner who is better than you— the one you strive to beat.


Dogs Are a Great Way to Meet Like-Minded People

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially for people just beginning their fitness adventure. A lot of people at the gym prefer to keep to themselves, adding to the intimidation factor and making it difficult to make friends. There are countless pet lovers across the nation, and even more fitness-minded pet lovers. Research local dog meet ups or play fetch at the local dog park. Puppies sniffing and nipping at each other are the perfect excuse to socialize with other owners, and who knows, you might just find a human fitness partner, too!


Dogs Are Protective

Especially for women, dogs double as a security guard. Not only can they keep you company, but they can also deter unwanted strangers from approaching you. This is a great way to keep up a good running habit during the winter months when it is dark outside.

Dogs Always Love Going Outside

Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to spend hours at the gym each day, a quick walk in the morning or after work will be a great way to get into good habits of health. Plus, did you know your gait is more natural when you walk and run outside versus a treadmill? This can help prevent injuries and fatigue. Even 20-30 minutes of walking each day is a great start to a healthier lifestyle. And besides, a dog will give you the biggest guilt trip if you don’t treat him to some outdoors time every day.


 About the Author: Adria Saracino is a blogger, marketer, and freelancer. She writes for Embrace pet insurance on topics ranging from pet health to dog insurance. When not writing about puppies and kittens, you can find her writing about style at her personal fashion blog, The Emerald Closet.



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