5 Daily Get Fit Tips… No Gym Required (Part 1.)


You have a busy life, too many meetings, you have guests coming for dinner and you’ve got to get the house in order, the kids have sporting events or practices to go to….exactly how are you supposed to slow down and take time for you to stay fit and maybe live more stress free?

Do a few of these while you get all that done too!

  1. Do walking lunges down the hallway or if at work, walk by placing one foot directly in front of the other like walking on a tight rope.
  1. Take the stairs whenever possible. If at home and the laundry is up or down stairs then walk briskly. (Caution: be careful if you are carrying something) If you are like me, you have a number of loads to do, so moving at a brisk pace, pulling and holding your navel inward while stretching the crown of your head toward the ceiling, as you travel up and down stairs, will give not only your legs and belly some work, but those lungs too!
  1. Park further away from the mall or office entrance you are visiting, on purpose. It’s a bit cold out and that will make you pick up the pace and move…plus your car will likely get a few less dings parking away from other vehicles. And yes, there is a good excuse to shop, as the packages you now have to carry back to the car will help your arm strength. But be sure to use proper posture while carrying heavy bags.  Hold them close to your body and do not slouch downward, instead hold your navel inward and feel your ribs pull close together like a vest. Keep a bend in your arms and your shoulder away from your ear lobes. Use their power equally to carry heavy bags. It’s all about form!


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  1. Put on some music upbeat and your favorite to move to. Do it while you prepare meals and when cleaning the house. Nothing wakes up your senses like awesome tunes. And anything that makes getting that bathroom clean faster is better.
  1. Believe in what you do, nothing big will happen without your effort. Keep your goals in mind. When at your desk, sit up straight in your office chair. Stretch your arms over your head lining your bicep’s up with your ears, and reach up to the ceiling with a deep inhale, then just exhale out as much as you can. Repeat 3 times.



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