3 Addictive Ingredients found in Processed Foods


We know that fueling our body with the most nourishing food will keep our energy high, our weight at the optimal level, our sleep invigorating, and immune system fighting. So why do we eat so many processed foods with minimal nutritional value and empty calories? Some of the reasons are related to our hectic, stressed lifestyles and the availability of processed and fast foods.

The food industry has been very accommodating to our demands to make our life easier by producing quick, convenient meals and snacks for the on-the-go families and career singles. Walk into any grocery store and the aisles are filled with pop-in-the-microwave, eat-right-out-of-the-package processed meals. Single serve soups, snacks and frozen meals are so abundant that you could easily fill your cart for the entire week with processed food that requires virtually no cooking and is ready in just a few minutes. What’s wrong with that?


Take a close look at the ingredient labels of those processed foods. The amount of sugar (remember there are many different forms of sugar), fat and salt in processed foods is high. Add a couple of fast food meals to that and not only is the calorie count most likely too high, but the sugar, fat and salt amounts most certainly exceed what your body needs.


Those three ingredients- sugar, fat and salt, are known trigger substances. When those 3 are combined into foods like donuts, French fries, etc., they keep you coming back for more and more. If I asked you all to make a list of your trigger foods, I would not see oranges or broccoli or chicken or tomatoes or any whole food on your list. It most definitely would be a food containing one or more of the “big 3” that are so plentiful in processed foods.


To take care of your body and keep it in prime condition and more importantly to feel at your best, you do not have to give up everything that contains sugar, fat and salt. There are no good or bad foods. There are just those that nourish your body and fuel it… and remember, that’s our #1 priority, and those that may taste good, add calories, but do little to nourish your body. Live by the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, be sure to eat healthy, whole foods and 20% of the time, eat those convenient foods. Your body will thank you…




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