1.M.R. Professional Trainer Supplement Review


1.M.R. by BPI is hands down the greatest pre-workout supplement I have ever taken.   As a professional trainer with over eight years in the field I have always personally tested and recommended only the absolute best supplements and products to my clients.

I go behind the product, dig through reviews, research the research and studies, verify labels and nutrition information, and use myself as the human guinea pig! I do not get paid or profit from selling one type of product or company over the other, and I will keep it that way! I myself, want the best out there not only for me, but my people.


1.M.R. unlike other pre-workout formulas, offers no caffeine jitters, headaches, or out of your mind, brain splitting, odd feelings like you just mixed an evil concoction of meth and crack cocaine with coffee. 1.M.R. noticeably elevates your overall mood and energy, really causing you to get busy and get after ‘it,’ whatever that may be. The amount of L-Arginine in it provides and unbelievable pump and great bloodflow. That combined with the mood and energy enhancement and you get some of the best workouts in your life.


The serving size of 1.M.R. is drastically smaller than it competitors, so you don’t have to lug around a giant container or mix up some giant scoop of dirt that smells and tastes like a shotgun blast. The taste, by the way, is great and it comes in a variety of  delicious flavors.     There is no bitter tongue lashing aftertaste or a burning sensation in the chest like you just drank pure gasoline. A unique blend of red wine and grape seed extracts add to this taste as well as the effects.


Just a simple scoop mixed with water and shaken up (no need to worry about your bottle top exploding off either) and you are good to go. 7.2 calories a serving with only 1.8g of carbs. Affordable and reasonable as any other pre-workout supplement. BPI has a great product here; no mass marketing scheme, no unrealistic product claims, just an affordable formula that works and tastes great! Simple!

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